Friday, April 17, 2015

Women, Negroes Do Poorly In Fields Where Talent Is Required

by Bill White
A new study published in the journal Science shows that women and negroes fare poorly in academic fields whose members believe innate talent is required, proving, say the researchers, that such academics are biased against women and negroes and in need of re-education. The researches took for granted that all races have equal talent and that innate talent is not required in any academic field.
Sarah-Jane Leslie of Princeton University and Andrei Cimpian of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign interviewed 1800 academics in 30 fields at American Universities. They asked four questions: whether a field required long working hours, whether it required systematic thought, whether it was particularly selective, and, whether it required innate talent. With women, only the question relating to innate talent mattered – fields in which there was more perceived need for innate talent had less female participants.
The result is well known: so-called STFM disciplines – science, technology, engineering, and math – where innate talent is perceived as necessary, had female participation of as little as at 19%, whereas fields like art, history, and psychology, whose practitioners agree require no real talent, are dominated by women.
The “scientists” then introduced what they thought would be a control factor, race. Since “everyone knows” that all races are possessed of the same innate talent, they reasoned, if racial differences emerged, this then had to be evidence of bias.
“The idea that males and females have evolved cognitive differences over the course of many millions of years... is plausible”, as an unsigned article in the Economist said. “But, that people of different races have evolved such differences is far less likely.”
No surprise, negroes, underrepresented in all but one of the 30 academic fields studied, also were much better represented in fields where less innate talent was required. However, most fields had so few negro academics, 0%-5%, that the statistical reliability is questionable.
Nevertheless, Dr. Leslie and Dr. Cimpian concluded that the fact the negroes are under-represented in academic disciplines perceived to require innate talent proved that the perception of talent that was required in any discipline was a false, socially-constructed prejudice. “Women and blacks... through exposure to culture that constantly tells them... that they do not have an aptitude for things like math and physics, have come to believe this is true.”
The two doctors then recommended that universities de-emphasize talent and reward everyone who “works hard” with undeserved honors, regardless of ability.
The doctors' own field, social science, was not one perceived as requiring much talent to excel in at all.

Of course, this entire study is nonsense and based upon false premises of racial equality – premises long ago debunked with the “race is a social construct” myth. Human beings are divided genetically into DNA haplogroups which produce different physical and mental phenotypes. The white race and black race have particularly wide differences with 10% of their genome differing, against about 4%-5% between whites and Asian/Latino races. One demonstrated difference is that blacks have abysmally low IQs on average, making them largely unable to succeed in white societies.

However, even before human beings knew how to qualify racial differences, the relative ineptitude of blacks was well demonstrated both by their historic inability to develop civilizations and by their modern inability to develop civilizations. Things many ancient black tribes failed to develop include clothing, houses, agriculture, writing, and the wheel, never mind mathematics of the sciences. In the modern era, black societies tend to degenerate to primitive conditions, living on scraps of white societies and producing nothing themselves, as places from Haiti to Zimbabwe to Detroit bear witness.

Only the early and mid-20th centuries, when Jewish academics, acting in the service of One World, sought to reduce the human race to slavery, did false theories and fraudulent studies denouncing the reality of racial differences emerge.

The result is shown in bogus social studies, like those of Leslie and Cimpian, in which it is taken for granted, against all evidence, that blacks are equal to whites in academic talent, and, from that given, more nonsense is extrapolated.

The end result is a bit like studying history with a belief in the Holocaust.    



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