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"There Is Only One Religion."

March 24th, 2015

Hello, Harold:

Your letter of March 14th arrived yesterday. Thank you for your good thoughts. The best thing to do regarding Serpent's Blood is [redacted. Bill's captors apparently care enough about the contents of this work to steal the manuscript, which vanished from Bill's stored possessions in the Florida jail. I will say that copies of most of an earlier draft do exist, and that if necessary could be published, but there's no point in doing the secret police's work for them by discussing the matter in public.]  

Once information circulates to a certain extent, it can never be completely suppressed even by a regime this powerful. I wish more of these people knew that I understand this.

I will correct one thing you said--I am not founding a new religion. I am re-discovering an old one, or not really a religion but the Tradition, of which all modern religions are mere reflections. That this religion exists has been known for, if not forever, at least 35,000 years. It's really encoded into everything. But in our Movement, Julius Evola first postulated the Tradition's existence, working from the researches of Rene Guenon. (sp?) I first came to understand the "twelve gods" after the dictator's servants drugged me in 2010 and 2011, but I couldn't make sense of it until the fortunate experience of having Dick Hoskins' Bible lessons and some books on Canaanite mythology and Chaldean religion converge on me last year. 

Anyway, Harold, the most important thing I've found is that there is only one religion, and labels like Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hellenism, Asatru, and the like, including occult movements like Freemasonry, Satanism, and Kabbala, are all just aspects of it. Denominations, really. They all manifest one myth, but they focus their worship differently.

 In other news, having won in federal court yesterday [the judge derided and dismissed the claims of the cowardly FBI agent who was so "terrorized" by Bill's alleged Facebook posts, which Bill did not in fact make on a Facebook page that was not in fact his, that he needed $80,000 to console him. Some things are too absurd even for this farcical judicial system to countenance.]--I now appear finally to be awaiting transit to Chicago, hopefully this time directly. 

For some reason the deputies here keep asking me if I am serving a life sentence or 40 years or something. I tell them I don't know. No one seems to. Sentencing seems to be becoming more and more indeterminate; definite release dates are things of the past. Basically, Obama's people just scoop you up and keep you as long they want, and then they either kick you loose or they murder you like they did Edgar Steele.

My trial transcripts should be online soon. I am told they would be laugh-out-loud funny, almost like something out of Monty Python, if a real human life wasn't being destroyed. There ought to be a thunder of outrage out there that such a thing can be, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Be well, Harold, and thank you.



Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

I'd agree with Bill White that there is one original tradition, but I'd regard all other religions and quasi-religions as perversions of the one true faith.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There has been one Tradition since the dawn of time and millions of people have written about it. Sanatana Dharma aka the primordial or eternal tradition. Bill hasn't found anything new...on the contrary... he just found part of the oldest religion. It goes back much further than the Traditionalist school of Evola/Guenon by hundreds of years in Western Philosophy. The idea is not restricted to any political 'movement' and is in fact...everywhere. All the time. because its 'eternal' lmao. G.D.

10:12 PM  

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