Tuesday, April 07, 2015

It Must Be Hell To Be A Jew

It must be hell to be a Jew. No matter how much money they steal or embezzle or print, no matter how much wealth and power they amass, no matter how much education, fancy degrees, and state-of-the-art nose jobs they buy for themselves and their kids, they are still just Jews.
By the gods, it is so obvious why they hate us with such a fury!
By just falling out of the womb we already have everything that they can never have, no matter how many millions they throw at it. 
A hillbilly in the hollows of West Virginia is born with a natural talent for music greater than any Jewish "composer" will ever have. Our people have been building megalithic monuments for millennia, while the Jews had to hire our cousins, the Phoenicians, to build their Jewish "temple" for them.
Basically, the Jews are a "one-trick pony." They are the ultimate masters of nation-wrecking. But they are essentially lacking in the ability to create, to create anything. And they totally lack any sense of style, of beauty, of grace, of graciousness, of humanity. And the saddest thing of all, is that they are smart enough to know that they lack that fundamental human trait.
By the gods, it must be horrible to stand at the gates looking in, and knowing that they can destroy us, but they can never be us.
-Charles Martel


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty much nailed it on this one.

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