Monday, April 06, 2015

Bill White Finally Gets His Mail. All At Once.

[This letter arrived on April 6th]

March 18th, 2015

Hello, Harold:

I received from you today two post cards, three letters, the Arthur C. Clarke article, the Nationalist Times, two issues of Candour, and one issue of Northwest Observer. The rest of the material in your inventory has not arrived or has been refused. [Something like 20 pieces. - HAC]

Much is going on, and I have been under much stress. However, issues are slowly being worked out.

Most distressing to me, I yesterday received a letter from one of my attorneys dated February 19th (!) telling me that my direct appeal will be filed on March 30th, and making no statement as to what issues they intend to raise, or if they did I have not been allowed to receive it. In December I told this lawyer to raise certain specific issues or notify me that they would not in time for me to retain other counsel. I also discovered that my backup counsel, unable to speak to me [Bill does not make clear why not] made no provision to act as understudy. 

Thus, two weeks before my appeal is to be filed, I have no idea what is going to happen. I know what my best issues are, but they may never be presented to the court. To make things worse, the Seminole County Jail here has refused to deliver my commissary for several days, effectively preventing me from sending mail. [Bill doesn't say how he was able to write and send this letter, but it is written in thick black pencil as opposed to his usual Biro.] I believe I have caught this issue in time, but imagine if I hadn't.

You are not the only person to contact Amnesty International and the U.N. Human Rights Commission about me. I would be interested in their responses. [There have been none so far, at least that I have heard. Both Amnesty and the UNHCR now after many years finally recognize that the United States holds political prisoners, but so far it only seems to apply to nigger cop-killers like Mumia What's-his-face and other good lefties. - HAC]

In good news, I am no longer in the torture cells here. The great god Helios shines through my window each morning, and I can see grass. At night I sleep properly, not two hours or twenty. This is good. [This was several days before his "restitution" hearing, so maybe they decided they didn't want him appearing in court looking like a deranged wino and smelling like a goat after all. I would like to think that my publishing Bill's conditions on this blog had something to do with that, but maybe not. How he has been held since the hearing on March 23rd I have no clue. - HAC]

You clearly are not receiving all of my mail. So far, the following items of mail apparently have not made it out of Loretto: 1) the HumInt article for you; 2) my pleading to the MD-Florida on my civil rights suit; and 3) my Coram Nobis petition to the WD-Virginia. There is also probably more I don't know about.

In more good news, I should be headed from here directly to MCC Chicago. Counsel advises that Section 2255 is usually an exercise in futility, but is probably not in my case. 

My Serpent's Blood manuscript was stolen from the property room here at John F. Polk while I was in Loretto. They say they are trying to identify who stole it, but around here an expensive suit and a federal badge are a Harry Potter-like cloak of invisibility. Between you and my publisher I am hoping to reconstitute it if and when I ever get settled into an institution where I am allowed to write and to send and receive mail. [Which may be one reason why this hasn't happened. - HAC]

[Rest of letter redacted as it discusses stuff that most likely shouldn't be shouted from the rooftops. Let the dictator's servants monitoring this blog who are fascinated go pull the file and look up their photocopy. As of April 6th Bill is still in Florida but he could be yanked out of there any day now and sent to Chicago, or extraordinarily rendered to Istanbul, or buried in concrete on the New Jersey turnpike next to Jimmy Hoffa, or WTF knows? I don't think there's much point in running his address again. I will let you guys know when I find out something. - HAC]


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