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"White People Are Domesticated Animals"

[Another letter from Bill wandered in, after a month. This was just before he departed from the Loretto concentration camp on his latest round of "diesel therapy."- HAC]

Feb 17th, 2015

Hello Harold,
Well, I wrote to you earlier today, and then I received notice that the Keystone Kops are at it again in Florida. At some point, I’ll be headed there - but don’t ask me when. The U.S. Marshals filed a notice with the court saying that they’d have me there from Texas on Feb. 25th. Trouble is, I’m not in Texas. And, while the United States has convicted me of being in two places at once, I think they’re going to have trouble putting that into practice.
Of course, I’m supposed to be in Chicago. Apparently, my attorney there tried to contact me in Florida, and has been looking for me to serve a writ. So I could go either place. I asked someone to call the Chicago attorney to update them, but that person developed phone-phobia and got “too busy”, so I’ve been sitting around in lock-down as a result. People love to say they “care” about you, but, they demonstrate it through their actions.
Now, should I go to Florida, I probably won’t get to Chicago until sometime between June and September. My life of appeals will probably be extended as well, from 2-3 more years in court to 3-4 or more. But no one had 15 minutes to make a phone call, and the average person’s calculus is that 15 minutes of their time is worth an infinite amount of mine.
On the upside, I’m now down to one AWOL attorney. Because no one close to me will take 15 minutes to call them, I’m now working on hiring an assistant whose job will be to call my attorney. Gotta love it, right? People figure that attorneys just call their clients on their own. No. Hire one and see.
Oh - and I can’t call my own attorneys because the BOP won’t let me. I can write them - in a letter that will arrive when the BOP feels like it - if they approve my attorney as being, well, mine.
Anyway, right now I’m going nowhere. But, with so much demand for me, I figure that I’ll be leaving about March 3.
I don’t usually write down letters, but, boy, the stress headache I got is about all that’s keeping me from getting quite down. Nothing the feds do gets me down. I know what they are, and they can’t harm me. What gets  me down is to see people on my own side who are so dysfunctional or become so filled with hopelessness, fear, and despair that they become unable to do simple things to help themselves and others.
I know that I’m strange, Harold. I don’t experience fear the way that other people do. I do experience it. I have terrible nightmares at times. Sometimes I have waking “night terrors”. Like, two nights ago, I dreamed that I woke up from a dream to find myself in what was once my bed at home, but the dictatorship was coming to murder/arrest me. I knew that I had to get out fast, but I couldn’t move. I then struggled myself, to my surprise, awake, and it took me 5-10 minutes to realize that I was in prison - which meant that the dictator's servants were not after me (causing me to relax). 

I took a while because I was sleeping bundled from the cold with a blindfold on (to sleep better), and I stayed frozen when I woke in case someone was in the room with me. And sometimes I dream of Antonin Artaud’s Theater of Death - what I can only describe as a carnival of torture and murder. But confront me when I’m awake, and - I don’t run away. I figure out what’s right, or what’s in my interest, and I do it - and to hell with my losses. I would lose everything in this illusion before I knowingly did something wrong.
But when I see the average person, who is scared of their own shadow, I pity them. I’d give examples, but I’m not here to shame people. All I can say is that people’s fear of mild physical or psychic discomfort has caused me a lot of real physical, and before I wised up, psychic, pain. All of us are in the situation we’re in because the masses of White people are domesticated animals, and the few who aren’t, are mostly so caught up in illusion that they can’t see anything real anymore.
Anyway, Harold, I’m hoping that this week brings some improvement.
Thank you for not being a coward.

* * *

Bill may be contacted at

William A. White #201500002555
John Polk Correctional Facility
211 Bush Boulevard 
Sanford, FL 32773

I have received one letter from Bill since he arrived back there, which was clearly written in a kind of code because of the intensive and minute surveillance of everything he does by his captors. (What on earth do they hope to find about him that they don't already know? They have to understand by now that he is in no way dangerous or a "threat to the order" of any institution he is in, so why the constant 24-hour lockstep? I swear to God, this obsession they have with controlling his body and his every action seems almost sexual at times...)

Anyway, reading between the lines, he is being foully mistreated again in the Seminole County Jail, which was presumably the idea behind bringing him back to Florida. I have no idea whether or not he is allowed to receive any mail at all and no one I know has heard from him either by mail or by phone other than that one letter I received. Nonetheless, it is vitally important that we try to let him know he is not alone and not forgotten, which is one of the main psychological weapons the dictatorship uses to break its victims. The White Nationalist movement has a horrific habit of just cutting our heroes loose once the prison bars slam shut. I am determined that this will not happen in Bill's case. 

He is probably going to be murdered like Edgar Steele, but until our people can recover their courage and change the world (as we could do tomorrow, if we had the balls), I will do what I can, and you should, too. Write to him. Yes, it will put you on the dictator's shit list. Screw Barack Hussein Obama and his pale-skinned slaves. Do right and fear no one. Write to Bill White.

Bill's "restitution hearing" wherein he will be ordered to pay some deranged sum of non-existent money to a big, bad, tough FBI agent for frightening said big bad-ass FBI agent with Facebook posts (which Bill didn't actually make, on an account that wasn't Bill's but apparently some kind of government hoax site) is scheduled to take place today. Then Bill will most likely be kept in the Orlando 1984 torture cell--"the place where there is no darkness," as Orwell described it--indefinitely, as he says here, until sometime this summer, when what's left of him will be dragged to Chicago.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The real cowards are those that fear. Bill White has no fear unlike his jailers. Bill is superior, intellectually and maybe even physically to those that hold him in vile captivity.
That is what they fear. Like Ed Steele and now Bill White, among many others, this later day version of the Bolshevik fears most the leader who knows, who thinks. The fear of an Edgar, a Bill or a Harold or ? knows no bounds, and they will use all the brut force of the (ill)legal system and even murder to render the Aryan people headless.

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I deeply appreciate the way you are helping Bill White, Harold. He wasn't my favorite Movement personality when he was on the outside, but in view of the fact that he was clearly and maliciously framed he deserves our backing now. He has bought his way onto the Roll of Honor through suffering.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

Interesting date on the top letter:
it's the anniversary of the first successful submarine attack, in modern times, on an enemy warship.

Roll, Alabama, roll.

8:40 AM  

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