Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - March 12th, 2015

HAC bloviates on "permission slips" and we hear the return of his much-beloved Who Guards The Guardians? feature. Stefan and Annie talk about persuasive propaganda on a one-to-one-basis, the Trucker reports in from the road, and as always we hear some cool musical vibes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thing that really baffles me, that totally leaves me speechless is not so much that Whites are doing nothing while their enemies (all non-whites now) openly plot their demise.

What really just makes my brain do a BSOD is the fact that so many white people are _helping_ them! Crazy lib'rals, women marrying Ayrabs and non whites, homo whites defending Mooslims who have openly stated that they are here to kill the infidel. The last really is bizzare because Eeslam makes no bones about their position on rumprangers, they are to be instantly killed! As for the stupid women letting themselves get mated by these animals, it is almost as bad.

That's what really just freaks me out. Its not enough that whites are just laying down and dying, not doing anything to save themselves but that so many of them are openly helping, aiding and abettding (or abedding for the women) the enemy to destroy us! WTF! Seriously! It breaks my mind!

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, really HAC. Read up on Sefton Delmer. Read up on your own hero Goebbels. Those pieces on "Who Guards The Guards" is probably your most successful propaganda. It isn't just "making fun" of them or making light of their misdeeds. It really works to discredit them.

There was an incident in WW2. Two SS Leutnants raped and murdered a poor little polish girl and then killed her in a terrible way (firing their pistol up her lady parts). This story went around the world twice and helped to make the world hate all Germans.

It was total fabrication. A total lie. Sefton Delmer had carefully constructed a real case, written on forged German documentation, and made it look very very real. And people to this day believe it. Historians still refer to this incident as actually occurring. Its called Black Propaganda.

Calling out the actual misdeeds of the Organs isn't a total lie, its Grey Propaganda, but it is equally as effective!

10:03 AM  

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