Thursday, March 05, 2015

Bill White's Diesel Therapy Continues

Okay, Bill White is apparently now being hidden in Oklahoma, not in the usual federal transit prison there but in a "rented" cell in the local county jail, to prevent anyone from knowing where he is and prevent any mail from reaching him. They really seem to be going out of their way to make sure he does not receive a single letter. 

Information I have received, which is about as reliable as possible under the circumstances but which may be wrong and which is no doubt subject to change on the whim of some jackass wearing a suit that costs more than most of us make in three months, is that the dictator's servants have somehow blown off the judge in Chicago with the habeas corpus writ and will be taking Bill back to the torture cells of the Seminole County Jail from Oklahoma.

Blowing off a habeas corpus writ may not be absolutely the most illegal thing the dictator's servants can do, but it's definitely up there in the top five or so, seeing as how habeas corpus means "produce the body" and is a direct order from a judge to the police, secret or otherwise, to bring a prisoner into court in order to determine the validity of his or her detention, which is something I can well imagine the dictatorship does not want to happen in Bill White's case. 

Realistically, I imagine somebody at the Jewstice Department squared it with the Jewish judge in the Chicago case. For that matter, maybe the judge is in fact doing it to give them an excuse to keep Bill on the move and away from his mail, for purposes of demoralization and psychological warfare.

Anyway, the word is Bill is supposed to be in Florida by March 23rd for a "restitution hearing" to see how many million jillion dollars another judge will order him to pay an FBI agent who was so utterly terrorized and traumatized by Bill's alleged Facebook posts (which he did not, in fact, post)--anyway, apparently this valiant feeb was so terrified and emotionally scarred by these posts that only cool cash can render him whole again. Which cash Bill White does not have and is unlikely to accumulate over the next 28 years in prison, which everybody knows and which pretty much confirms that this is just an excuse to get him back into the Seminole County jail so they can do whatever the hell they've decided to do to him.

The jungle drums say he'll be there in about a week because the feebs can only rent local jail cells for a week; don't know how true that is. I dug up the address again from an old Thoughtcrime post. My guess is that it will not work, because they will issue him a new number when he is processed in, and my guess is also that anything sent there without the new number or any number will be rejected as well, but it sure would be nice if Bill could arrive there and find at least a few cards and letters waiting.

William A. White #201400005514
John Polk Correctional Facility
211 Bush Boulevard


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