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Letter From Bill White 2-18-2015

Feb 18, 2015
Hello Harold,
You know, Harold, there's a saying. Real cops see a crime and try to figure out who's the person who committed it. The FBI sees a person and tries to figure out if they can be placed in a crime. This is because the FBI is not a renowned  crime-solving organization: they are renowned at committing crimes and putting them on innocent people.
I've enclosed an AFP article on the subject. I'm loading you and AFP up, as, soon, I expect, one of the two sets of U.S. Marshals looking for me will find me and actually serve a writ on the warden here - and not on some local jail or an immigration detention facility in Laredo, Texas, as they have.
I'm also reading John Douglas' Mindhunter. I've run across this book in many of the junk novels - murder books - that populate prison libraries. As I've remarked before, there is nothing federal prisons like to do more than provide inmates with novelist fantasies and true crime accounts of how to murder women.
Well, I was reading a book with female psychopaths in it, and, wanting to learn more about the FBI's star witness against me, I had Mindhunter sent in to me. There is a lot in it - and I would recommend to all of your readers interested in counter-intelligence and security issues vis-a-vis the Obama administration and One World that they read some of the books put out there by former federal agents. One of the best is No Angel, by a former DEA agent. And, as you know, Harold, I am always happy to tutor White activists on security issues by mail. Unfortunately, I find that most White activists are too careless, dumb, frightened, or disorganized to implement proper security. The fact is, you cannnot stop the federal government from arresting you because it is the person, not the crime, that matters. But you can prevent them from getting your data, and you can ID them and disrupt their operations so as to protect others.
Anyway, one thing I learned reading Mindhunter is is what losers FBI agents are. They must be better paid now. [Name redacted], the former Supervising Special Agent in Roanoke - former leader of the FBI's Osama bin Laden task force, now chief of police at Virginia Tech - has a very nice house in South Roanoke County. This guy [redacted] was driving around in a VW beetle and living with two roommates, also FBI agents, before meeting his (plain-looking) wife dressed up as a go-go dancer at a local bar. LOL. He also had about zero qualifications for his job as a Behavioral Profiler - making me suspect anything he taught. I mean - these are the guys who twice tried (and failed) to recruit me as an informant by sending a Jew named [redacted]  and a negro agent who called himself a "patriot" at me. LOL. I told the negro that I wasn't.  :-)  I wish I could tell you all of the pathetic approaches the ruling class made before they decided to "destroy" me. One day, maybe I will.
But my feeling is that [redacted] is about as authoritative as the guy who taught the BOP's Special Investigative Service and Counter Terrorism Unit that I'm a "sovereign citizen". As you've noted, they don't know what the words mean. They just know that the Jews have told them that all of us White guys are one of those - hence, the "patriot" recruiting jargon. :-)
Anyway, nothing else is happening. At some point, one of the teams of US Marshals looking for me will find me - these guys are "experts" at finding fugitives, you know? So a guy in custody has only taken them two weeks (so far) to find. (They reported to the Court Feb. 4th that they'd served my warden in Texas, and that I'd be in Florida Feb. 25th. I figure they'll either figure it out then, or when they produce whatever sucker they've brought by mistake in court. However, they won't figure it out until they've spent at least a day telling the guy that he's me and "they know". LOL.) And, at some point, someone will call my last AWOL lawyer and tell me about it. Some day this will happen - just not today.
Until then, I'm loading you up with material. Thank you for all that you do.
                                                                                                                                                                Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                           Bill

William A. White #201500002555
John Polk Correctional Facility
211 Bush Boulevard
Sanford, FL 32773 


Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...


Well, Harold, I'm currently in the process I'd writing you a letter. A long letter, but don't worry it's not about me or a long sob story. If you could insert the judge's closing remarks when he sentenced Bill White to a long term of imprisonment after sorta stating that he knew Bill White was innocent; (above the line)I'd much appreciate it. This is an excerpt from this letter concerning that remark. I want you to have it early in case the letter never gets sent.
You may consider it outrageous that in one of Bill White's appearances, where the Judge said that he considered Bill White to be innocent but then sentenced him to how many years imprisionment? I would interpret that remark to mean that the Judge is saying two different things to two different people.
First, it has to be understood that the Judge has to rule on the evidence, facts and legal arguments before him, and these leave him no choice but to sentence Bill White to X years in prison. He doesn't have to say or imply, at all, that Bill White is in any way innocent, and this is the real significance of that statement.

He's saying to the prosecution, I know what you've done, I know that you've stitched up an innocent man, I don't approve of what you've done, but, I'm going to rule in your favour, anyway, even if, it makes me sick to my stomach to do so.

To Bill White; he's saying;(at the same time and in the very same words) the judicial system takes secret cognisance that you are innocent, and if, you can find a way for us to vacate your convictions: we will do so.

That, I believe is the real meaning of the Judge's words.
Now, do you see what Bill White's problem is? He has to focus on finding ways to stitch up the prosecution and to find grounds to ask for his convictions to vacated with prejudice. If he can do that; he'll walk of out court a free man.

3:50 AM  

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