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Letter From Bill White 2-17-2015

[Letters from Bill are still wandering into my mail box, even if a month late. - HAC]
Feb 17, 2015
Hello Harold,
Another wonderful day at Loretto. Temperatures outside have been as low as -35 degrees F. The Special Housing Unit here is made of uninsulated cinder block. The heating system has been mostly nonfunctional. Speaking to an  HVAC worker, I'm told that the vent on the outside that regulates air mixture is rusted open - explaining the cold air coming through the heating system.  So, basically, I'm spending the day huddled under whatever can be found for warmth - as is everyone - though I do insist on taking my daily hour outside in the rec yard. If you've ever seen "Clockwork Orange", this rec yard is much like that one. However, if it's cold inside, there's no reason not to get out in the shade of the sunshine, right?
Given the government's continued failed efforts to shut me up, I remain reliant on a logistical network to support me. That network begins with the free lawyers who only work because the feds make them, and try hard to walk the line between doing absolutely nothing and doing it so ineffectively that the grease comes off of the court's railroad tracks. It continues through my paid personnel - the investigators and the like hired by my legal defense fund - through various friends and supporters. Without this network, I end up unable to work, to write, or to communicate and mount my legal defense, which is why, Harold, I'm so thankful for people like you.
Unfortunately, these past two months, my support network has had some outages. Fortunately, I have some redundancy. So, for instance, I haven't seen my daily newspaper since Dec. 22 - but I have white newspapers to compensate. However, for daily news, I have to rely on the radio and the radio/TVs upstairs. This limits my daily news, for the moment, to CNN, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. This is, at least, a step above Seminole County, where radio and television are banned.
Even with these censored sources, some good news gets through. Novorossiya, for instance, essentially captured the Ukrainian army today. As best I've been able to tell, Ukraine had about 6,000 regular army forces and 10,000 "interior ministry" militia organized by the Jew Kotomoisky. Reports were that 2,000 regular army were surrounded in Dobruslava. Today, they surrendered. Ukraine is just about done; I'm waiting for Novorossiya to take Kiev.
But I also get some bizarre stuff. Yesterday Beck spent a lot of time ranting about the Nazi invasion of Sweden, and how Winston Churchill responded to it. I'm sure this will be a surprise to the Swedes, who are really dealing with a Somali invasion right now. But Beck had nothing but praise for how Churchill responded when "the Nazis", "ISIS-like", took Sweden. This is the same Beck that mocks convenience store employees in his "moron trivia".
Beck, though, is really in transition from phony Judaeo-Zionist "libertarianism" into war-mongering Judaeo-Zionism proper. Yesterday he ranted about the "inevitability" of global conflict and America's involvement in "World War III". This is a good example of the process Sergei Lavrov described when he said: "The current stage of international relations is marked by a transition to a fundamentally new world order - a polycentric model based on due regard for the appearance of new economic and financial centers...America...[is] trying to use all available military and political instruments, social media, regime-change technology, and other instruments to keep back the objective process of the development of a order based on the equality of all sides."
What really gets me is the hollow way that Beck talks about how "we" will "wake up" when "Muslims" "attack the cathedral of Notre Dame". It's just funny because a group of religious fanatics really did attack the Cathedral of Notre Dame recently. They're called FEMEN, and they are a radical Judaeo-occult collective, acting under the banner of feminist atheism, who are financed by the Zionist extremist Jed Sunder. Sunder, no surprise, is the former publisher of the Kiev Post, and is one of the Jewish extremists responsible for the coup in that nation.
Thus, we have Beck urging us to support the bankers' takeover of Ukraine and following FEMEN's line by demonizing Putin as a "hetero-fascist", while denouncing ISIS because one day it might do what FEMEN has already done - and attack the Cathedral of Notre Dame. And we have no coverage of the US having deployed 600 paratroopers to Western Ukraine to train Koromoisky's militias - the same militias whose acts of anti-Russian genocide in Odessa and Mariopol have caused Koromoisky to be indicted for war crimes.
I've had a few folks write and ask how I continue to write from prison. Well, beyond Beck, the Lavrov quote above is from the Nationalist Times. The FEMEN info is from Revisionist History. And I keep praying someone will decide to both send me my Serpent's Blood manuscript and charts and my paper, so I can keep working.
Until then, I'm huddled under a blanket, listening to a $15 radio the BOP charged $50 for, through a set of half-working headphones that'll cost $16 to replace.
Thank you, Harold, for keeping on top of things while others are too busy to do so.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill White is the White Man's Nelson Mandela

6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill White is a martyr for truth and justice. May God bless and strengthen him in his suffering.

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have written to Bill at the Orlando address. Letter not returned yet, so hopefully it got through.

8:31 AM  

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