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"Journalists" Feign Surprise After Williams Revealed As A Liar

[Bill left me loaded up with stuff before he disappeared into his latest round of "diesel therapy." A bit dated, I know, but every time I publish one of his articles, on anything, I break one off up the dictatorship's ass, since they have decreed he is to be silenced. - HAC] 

by Bill White

American “journalists” have been feigning surprise after one of their most prominent associates, Brian Williams of MSNBC, has been exposed as a pathological liar.

In the last week of January 2015, Williams was exposed as having lied about being a passenger on a Chinook helicopter that was forced down by a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) in Iraq during the American occupation. Soldiers on the Army helicopters called Williams out on Microsoft National Broadcasting Company’s (MSNBC’s) Facebook page, noting that Williams was not on the helicopter. Williams then claimed to have been on the following helicopter and to have witnessed the shootdown. It then came out that Williams was not present at all but flew in with an MSNBC camera crew an hour after the attack happened.

But revelations didn’t stop there. It quickly came out that Williams has been lying his entire career. For instance, after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Williams claimed to have seen a body float down Bourbon Street in the French Quarter and to have suffered dysentery from immersion in flood waters. In truth the French Quarter didn’t flood, and barely got wet enough to wash the piss off the streets. And no cases of dysentery resulted from the hurricane.

As Williams entire account of his life and work as led anchor for MSNBC unraveled, Judaeo-occult “journalists” across the spectrum stepped up to is defense. USA Today ran an article claiming that “false memories” are common. Others claimed that Williams had just “made mistakes.” After two weeks Williams was forced to take time off from his news reading job.

MSNBC is a “news station” which represents the extreme left wing of acceptable establishment opinion. It focuses its newscasts on anti-White racial agitation, often falsifying audio and video and using FBI assets like Al Sharpton to incite non-Whites into acts of racial violence. As such, it spreads not only the multi-cultural politics of One World, but furthers the private political agenda of Microsoft’s Bill Gates, a One World extremist who wants to unite the earth under a world government and exterminate 6.5 billion of its people. This agenda meshes well with that of world Zionism, which wishes to enslave the world under a global government in Jerusalem.

What is unusual about Williams is not his lies, because the purpose of the mass media is to conjure a false reality in which the masses of a country’s people can live. What is unusual is that Williams, after 12 years of fabrication, was caught and exposed. Through these occasional exposures the media itself pretends to be purging itself, thus showing its consumers that it is self-policing.

In reality, America’s “journalists” are all trained liars, with television personalities like Williams being a kind of actor paid to present a narrative to the public. Discussion of Williams has focused on his personal credibility, as if Williams creates or researches the information he presents. In reality, Williams’ Zionist masters write a script for him, which he then reads each night off a teleprompter, except in those areas where the script reads “improvise some small talk.

Further, the real question, which is the one none of the talking heads is addressing, is how relevant Williams is to America’s electronic hallucination at all. Despite being the lead anchor on a major news station, Williams’ lies were consumed by as few as 55,000 Americans at any given time, about one sixth of one per cent of America’s population. As such, Williams lies were one of the least widely consumed newscasts in a country where other aspects of the electronic hallucination, particularly internet news, have largely eclipsed Judaeo-occult news reading as an information source

MSNBC responded to Williams’s lies by expressing its support for its news reader and guaranteeing him a place at the network whenever he chooses to return.

While Williams’ scandal mirrored similar revelations at major Judaeo-occult news organizations over the years, such as the revelation at the New York Times some years ago that one of its negro journalists was fabricating articles and sources, the larger scandal of America’s presentation of patently false  “news” stories was avoided. While the United States routinely denounces nations like Russia for presenting false news stories, its own news is often utter nonsense, like recent claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome.

The purpose of mass media in modern societies is to shape to maintain group loyalty. In the United States this psychological manipulation works with the violence of the internal security forces to prevent citizens from thinking outside of defined parameters. The tension resulting from maintaining thoughts not properly in accord with reality is the periodically released through manufactured hatred of nominal enemies, such as “Islamic extremists,” Russians, or “White supremacists.” 



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This kind of thing is why Bill White is in prison on bogus charges. The regime has decided this is one critic they're going to silence.

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