Sunday, March 08, 2015

I'm Home!

Hello HAC,

I'm sure you probably remember me as the "kid from California." Well, it is true that by accident of birth I was born and spent most of my life in that racial and moral dumping ground. However, fortunately for me, I have escaped!

I am now in Oregon living with relatives in the Medford area. I have just enrolled in a automotive mechanics apprenticeship program. Since I am of low income I qualify to live on the technical center itself, which is located near [redacted] in central Oregon which is around an hours drive south from [redacted].

Now why am I choosing this path? Well for one, HAC, when I was in high school I was your typical "t shirt youth" description. I dicked off in school, was disruptive, vulgar and violent. When I wasn't devouring books on history, politics, military tactics and race, I was busy getting myself involved in petty criminal acts with school and neighborhood buddies. One of which got me in trouble with the local cops.

Now my buddies are racially aware and would openly say, scream and even "rap" overtly racial slurs and symbols. My buddies and I were your typical sort of white boys who get involved in the movement, your dysfunctional blue collar types. Now I was successful in radicalizing their typical White American's views on race, ie being racist (true opinions) as shit around a few circles of people you know like friends and relatives etc. To making them open about their views and not afraid to actually do something about it! I introduced them to the Northwest Novels, to the real American history, historical facts on National Socialism and the history of their race and civilization etc. Now it was somewhat difficult for them to wrap their minds around the Jewish question, I mean they understood clearly the niggers, spics, faggot and government problem. (All White Americans do in fact)

But I already see that this email is running pretty long and I apologize for that. But I just wanted to let you all know that this whole "race thing" wasn't just a phase. I kept my eyes on the prize while I was working, becoming a class c unlimited sawyer during the fall while I was doing thinning work in Willows Creek. (Bigfoot country literally) But all the while, while I was cutting down those Douglas firs and trees infected with sudden oak death disease, and bucking and limbing, and throwing the logs into piles and the limbs into piles,(pretty backbreaking labor) I always remembered why I was doing this, what it was all for. For my race and civilization, to better myself so I could in turn not be a liability for the movement but a asset. Last December I bought my father's old 1966 f 150 for $1,000 dollars. Not a bad truck with only 53,000 miles.

The only problem was I had to replace the fuel tank, the steering column, the battery and the selenoid. But my father helped me out with paying for the parts and assisting in me in the labor as well. Anyway, HAC, my neighborhood buddies are all beginning adulthood, one of my buddies Jake, is in the same program as me and we plan on finding a place somewhere either in Oregon or Washington. My other buddies are either working odd jobs as construction workers or cutting down trees(under the table), or as cooks, meat cutters, and a few unfortunately are in the military, however fortunately he's stationed in Alaska as an engineer. The other just entered basic training in the marines, I pray he survives. Anyway my buddies are doing what they can to save up their money so they can come home, all 11 of them I hope.

This mechanic's program should last around a year (it's a self paced program) so immediately after this program I will have a trade under my belt and will be economically indestructible from the systems economic war on white racial activists. So, HAC, I'll see you in the spring of next year most likely if not sooner. So thank you for your business and time, and all that you've done for our people, and most importantly in not giving up on us. I looking forward to joint the struggle to save our race and civilization, and to regain our freedom and independence. If the Muslims can fight, if the Russians in eastern Ukraine can fight and SUCCEED in beating their government's paid thugs teeth in the dirt, than why not the most well armed group of White people on the face of the planet!

Anyway HAC thank you again sincerely "the kid from California"



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Welcome home comrade!


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