Friday, February 13, 2015

What's Next For Bill White?

I'm now watching The Following, Season 2, so I can find out what's coming next in the Bill White case.

For those of you who came in late, the Department of Justice and several United States' Attorneys offices have constructed the narrative for the Bill White's alleged crimes against the state by more or less plagiarizing a Fox Network drama series called The Following, starring Kevin Bacon and British actor James Purefoy. For all I know they may actually have consulted with the directors, producers, and scriptwriters on The Following for ideas and tips, rather like in the movie Wag The Dog.

The basic idea is that Bill White is this strange, Svengali-like character who has "followers" everywhere, who are just awaiting his mystical call to rise up and commit horrible and unspeakable acts of violence and terror. 

This was the excuse used to "anonymize" the juries and terrorize them into convicting, by threatening them that Bill's mysterious yet ubiquitous "followers" were hiding under their beds waiting to jump out at them like the boogey man. 

This was apparently behind the BOP's labeling of Bill as a "gang leader" in his latest prison camp at Loretto, Pennsylvania, so as to justify the continued tampering with his mail in violation of federal law.

The fact that this isn't true, and the fact that at no point in any of Bill's trials over the past seven years has any federal prosecutor presented any evidence of any kind that such a thing is true, is beside the point. One of the benefits of being a United States Attorney is that you can just make things up, and unless you're dealing with a member of the one percent who has money to retain actual defense attorneys as opposed to public defenders (which are not the same thing), nothing will be done about it. 

A U.S. Attorney is kind of like a legal Brian Williams; he or she can make up any story they desire about anyone and nothing will be done about it. There is zero accountability in the American legal system and in American society in general. Williams got fired, eventually, when his whoppers became too noticeable and threatened the tattered remains of NBC's credibility. A United States Attorney doesn't have to worry about credibility. He or she has power and armed men at her command, so credibility is not required.

In actual practice, Bill has two "followers," myself and Gabriel D'Annunzio, and our "gang activity" consists of publishing Bill's letters and writings on the internet and occasionally in hard copy form. Of course, in Obama's America, giving a voice to someone the dictatorship wants silenced really is a crime.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh they are silly aren't they? Labelling everything as 'gangs'. Bill has no followers, and hasn't had any form of real influence over the right wing for years. They need to update their database I think. As for me, I'm not a 'follower' at all - in fact I am of a completely different political orientation to Bill! - G. D.

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