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Letter From Bill White - February 10th, 2015

Hello, Harold:

I spoke today to a BOP official about my mail situation, and about my situation in general. Apparently someone in the Justice Department or BOP officialdom is putting a lot of pressure on FCI Loretto to do things like keep me locked down or deny me access to communications such as Corrlinks and the like. However, according to BOP policy, I'm as close as it gets to a model inmate. My "progress report," their social worker-like evaluation of me is good. I have no disciplinary violations. I sign up for rehabilitative programs every chance I get. The BOP has planted informants on me who have walked away empty-handed. My actual mail, while possibly "offensive" to some, violates no policies. My only focus is the courts and my appeals. So the BOP is having a lot of difficulty invoking the kind of policies the U.S. Attorney's Office wants to use on me.

The result, Harold, is that I am under "monitoring." Basically, everything I do is being scrutinized to try and find some evidence that I am, in fact, some kind of weird cult guru with this mysterious band of "followers" out there. As I am not that person and, as the BOP actually requires more evidence to sanction me than the federal court system and there are no fat chicks in here to perjure themselves with silly lies about me, this discrepancy is causing a great amount of cognitive dissonance among the dictator's servants.

What's really happening, of course, is that the government has failed. Their objective for the past six years has been to shut me up, to silence my voice to demonstrate to anyone who cares to look that they can and will crush anyone who points out that Zionists wear no clothes. 

However, the one thing that their laws technically don't allow them to do is to shut me up. In Europe they just have speech laws. But in America, they have to maintain the pretense that we have something called "free speech," and so it is necessary for them to fabricate this absurd series of "crimes" that they claim I have committed and then sanctimoniously proclaim that they are only punishing me for my "crimes." Until they succeed in abrogating what few shreds remain of the Constitution, they can't just drop me in a hole in the floor of the Bastille and walk away, like they want to do.

The BOP does, of course, have the necessary tools to shut people up. Matt Hale, for example, was SAMsed, put on Special Administrative Measures where he could not even send mail. The BOP claimed that Hale was actively soliciting criminal activity from prison; whether this was true or not, God only knows. As I have learned to my cost, there is no defense when these people decide simply to make things up, in a system where there is no longer even a shred of accountability.

Other well-known figures are SAMsed on grounds of "national security." My feeling is that the information Mr. Robertson (currently featured in AFP) transmitted through me about the American dictatorship's involvement in organizing Salafi terror groups in Africa and their role in kidnapping U.S. citizens from the United States to be tortured in foreign prisons probably upsets them and may cause them to promote me from "gang leader" with an invisible army of non-existent "followers" to "threat to national security"--quite a prestigious promotion!--but I'm not covered under CIPA (?) I'm not transmitting any information, and even if I was, since I'm not under CIPA, short of transmitting directly to a foreign intelligence agency I would also be acting well within the parameters of the "free speech" the dictator's servants must pretend still exists in this country.

There is also another factor in play, Harold, and that is that the BOP doesn't like to move inmates in and out of control units, particularly when they thereby leave the BOP system. I have a habeas corpus hearing pending within BOP and two re-trials and re-sentencings on direct appeal very likely outside BOP. Think of this: does the BOP want to send me to talk to, say, the Unabomber, then move me out of the system so I can tell his story--or the story of someone else who has been buried alive and is no longer supposed to exist? AFP's 20,000 print subscribers meet 250,000 others on the internet--that's an audience, Harold. Can the dictatorship stand to have a quarter million people learn the truth about men who have been in essence illegally interned through the use of completely government-fabricated "criminal" charges? Can they afford to have certain names named in public?

At any rate, I pose a conundrum for my captors here. The result of all this is that some of my mail is taking a considerable time to reach me, or to reach others from me. But unlike in Seminole County, at least it is all reaching me eventually (I think)--it's just taking forever to do so while they paw over it and look for clews to whatever bizarre plot on my part they're trying to fabricate now.  I have been told that I have "stacks" of mail in queue, and although the BOP in fact knows that I am not going to do anything actionable they will continue monitoring me for "a long time." Hopefully I will someday receive justice and that time will be shortened, but we'll see.

* * *

Well, Harold, your letter dated January 31st and various packets dated February 2nd arrived today, so the room service is improving in this hotel. Your comments are right on. The mail coming to you is certainly being tampered with--I sent you at least seven distinct letters and associated articles--including one for your Northwest Observer. Further, I have no access to a Xerox machine. Let me guess what was photocopied and sent to you by mistake instead of the original--my letter suggesting a spread for AFP and my article on human intelligence. [No article on human intelligence and no suggested "spread for AFP" has so far been received here. - HAC]

Anyway, mail seems to be moving faster now. I would still like the Journal of Counter-Terrorism article and the interview. Let me know. [This was sent well over a month ago. - HAC] When you speak to the media, it's not like it's secret.
Thank you for all you do.


William A. White #13888-084
Loretto FCI
P. O. Box 1000
Loretto, PA 15940


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They appear to have found new ways to screw with the mail - they send it out of order, so that I receive new letters first and old letters last, thus rendering most of the dialogue as meaningless gibberish. Cunning and annoying.

7:43 PM  

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