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Letter From Bill White 12-14-2014

[Bill's letters keep on wandering in, including the one envelope that contained eight of his letters and articles at once, including several photocopies where the FBI or BOP censor screwed up and sent me the copies instead of the original. - HAC]
Dec. 14, 2014
Hello Harold,
Enclosed is a not-quite-random collection of material from the old Chapters 15 and 16 which is now the new Chapter 16 of my book. With this, I complete rewriting part IV - 398 hand written pages so far. I now have about 14 pages of material to turn into a new Chapter 17 - meaning I’m getting close to five parts of four chapters each - though, I still have a lot more to write.
In other news, my supporters have retained an investigative legal firm to begin collecting and preserving the evidence my attorneys didn’t find while evaluating my defense counsels’ ongoing work for error. From this, answers to questions like, “why weren’t witnesses that another person confessed to hacking these accounts and committing these crimes called?” may be found.
This investigation, which will likely last through most or all of next year, is costing $5,000 up front and will likely run to $10,000 before anything is filed. Then it may cost $15,000 per filing in each of my two outstanding cases. So I urge anyone interesting in seeing me out of prison before 2035 or so to please give and even consider making a regular pledge to my legal defense. 
Money can be sent to: Bill White Legal Defense Fund, c/o Poisoned Pen Press, PO Box 2770, Stafford, VA 22255, or Bit Coin donations can be made at  I have a few big supporters who make sure things happen, but every small pledge helps to defray the cost.
Essentially, from day one, I have had to fight my own attorneys (appointed ones) tooth and nail to investigate my case and defend me. Throughout this process I have been ignored, insulted, called a liar, mentally ill, pure evil, and a scumbag—by my own counsel!—all in an effort to bully me into confessing to these crimes that I didn’t commit or to persuade me to accept 30 years in prison. 
 My own lawyers have threatened and bullied witnesses to prevent them from testifying in my defense, called normal people with decades of honest living (and no criminal history) liars for defending me, said that witnesses cannot testify “because they believe Israel was behind 9-11”, and other acts of treachery and malfeasance.
Had these cases ended, as they should have under the sentencing guidelines, with up to 12 years total imprisonment, I wouldn’t bother asking for money; I’d rather give it to Karl Hand to buy toys for White children. But, having now been railroaded into 29½ years in prison, and, given the terrible conditions under which I’ve been held and my total lack of access to a law library, I’ve had to try to seek out an investigator who may be willing and able to find the truth and to present it to the court.
So, I would ask your readers to please give to my legal defense. $5000 - $10,000 will cover things for now; $30,000 is anticipated down the line.
And, I can tell you, the latest abuse I’ve suffered here in Seminole County, which was designed to stop me from being able to participate in my legal defense, has worn on me. I’m 37, and I have niggers in their mid-20s calling me “grandpa” and “old school.” I used to look youthful for my age. In six months, I’ve been turned into a senior citizen. LOL.
People who have never experienced federal "justice" cannot understand how outcomes in court are manipulated. Not only are many federal judges Zionist spies—not just Abe Fortas, codename Ilan—but scumbags like [redacted due to precedents set by this very case] and [redacted] but, inmates are routinely tortured pre-trial when they appear innocent, to prevent them from assisting with their defense. Lawyers then clique with each other, often unable to imagine that the governing illusion is a fraud or that they are part of the manipulation.
Anyway, Merry Christmas.


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The web address is incorrect - used to rediect to overthrow, and now there is only the orginal in operation - And it doesn't have the bitcoin anymore because no one was using it. Please send cheques instead.


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