Sunday, February 15, 2015

Jew Occultists Plan Reformation For Islam

by Bill White 

There is a problem with Islam, our Judæo-occult masters are now saying. Because there’s no central authority, Islam can’t be controlled like the Vatican. And even more seriously, because its adherents try to adhere to the Koran, there’s been no Reformation. In saying so, the learned elders of world Zionism show how they turn time and again to their ancient schemes, while revealing much about how they took control of White civilization and devoted it to their Satanic gods.

“There is no real Islam,” Thomas Friedman, a prominent Zionist wrote recently in the New York Times. “Islam has lacked a central authority since the death of Ali in the 7th century, and in modern times Sunni Islam has lacked its Caliph since Mustafa Ataturk Kamal abolished the religious leader in 1923.” As such, the Jews can’t control and dominate Islam the way they do the Catholic Church. This problem, Friedman says, is at the root of the new caliphate of the Islamic State, as well as its competitors in Nigeria and Afghanistan.

“Islam has never undergone a Reformation,” says Masonic-Mormon Zionist Glenn Beck. “The problem is that they still believe in the literal world of the Koran. They never learned to abandon that as we did in Europe.”

In making these statements, America’s Zionist masters have had to say more publicly about European history than perhaps they should, as well as revealing how they use controlled Catholic and Judæo-Christian churches to control Europe and America today.

For thousands of years before Christ, a group of gods, all referred to as Dionysius by the Greeks, or as Pan, the All, were worshipped by Canaanite and some Semitic tribes. These gods became known as Satan, and after the advent of Christ continued to be worshipped in what became known as Hellenic religion. This kind of adoration of the “darkness above the light” entered into the Catholic Church in the 5th century.

In 903, with the advent of Sergius III, it gained control of the Papacy. For the next 200 years, until 1123 A.D., these occultists worked with European Judaism, particularly the Pierleone banking family, to “reform” the Church and turn it into a global empire.

In 1123 the Papacy and the Jewish bankers split, and the two factions remained in conflict, with the Church becoming more and more anti-Jewish. In response, the Jews created proto-Masonic movements to launch the Protestant Reformation, a result of the importation of occult ideas during the Renaissance. From this splintering of Christianity, the Jews were able to divide and conquer until they controlled every major Western denomination and push all of those denominations toward the same goal.

This goal, initially established in pre-history and defined in modern times by Rabbi Moses Hess, is to create a One World New World Order—a global government ruled from Jerusalem, which will nominally impose the law of the “Master Architect” but which will actually release the Dionysioi into the world to harvest human souls. Multi-culturalism, imperialism, free trade and internationalism are all tools.

This historical process is what Friedman and Beck are referring to when they call for an “Islamic Pope” and an Islamic Reformation. Currently the Islamic State is pursuing the goals of the Salafs, the companions of the Prophet Mohammed who tried to conquer the world and impose the rule of Allah. Allah is a variant of the Indo-European sun god known as El or Eli in the Bible and Helios in Greek myth. The Zionists, in response, want to imitate Jacob the “usurper” in the brew, and establish Israel to rule (falsely) in the name of El.

These Masonic secrets are well known to Friedman and Beck. Zionism is a doctrine, like Judaism, dominated by pseudo-Masonic societies like the B’nai Brith. Mormonism, to which Beck adheres, is an adaptation of Masonry to Christianity fabricated by Joseph Smith and operated along occult lines.

The goal thus is to first transform Islam by restoring a “moderate Caliph,” a puppet similar to the one who was maintained by the Ottoman Turks, and then “reforming” him by compelling him to conduct a Vatican II-type conference in which he submits all of Islam not to Allah, but to the internal gods of the Judaeo-occult conspiracy.

The question is whether Muslims can be corrupted in the manner of the Papacy. In the late Dark Ages, Jews in Rome’s Trastavere ghetto would literally capture the Lateran or the Castel St. Angelo, install converted Jews as Pope, and then use the power of usury to make nations Papal vassals. In modern times the Jews would have to use America to re-occupy not only Iraq but the entire Islamic world, to re-install a puppet Caliphate—and then they would have to conquer not only the Islamic State, Boko Haram and the Taliban, but they would have to conquer Iran and the Sunni-Shia split.

Simply put, the Jews have bankrupted the United States fighting the war they lost against just two of these enemies, the Taliban and ISIS’s predecessor, Al-Qaeda. Conquering Islam and imposing a “reform Caliph” would at best, cause them to lose their empire as the British did after World War Two. 


Blogger Honduras, Mi Lindo País said...

You've done your homework on Islam, I'm impressed.

I'd LOVE to see ISIS take over the West.

Since Dickless White Fucks don't have the balls to put their Jew masters where they belong, it's left to someone else do do the job. What else is new?

What surprise is it that a race of Faggots and Sluts is not able to do what needs to be done??

ISIS appears to be well suited to step up and be that 'someone else'.

4:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Shirley MacClaine just got found out for saying, in her latest book, that the Jews in the concentration camps "deserved it" because they were making up for bad Karma; they deserved all the holocausting that they got!

Maybe you should ask her out. Plus, you'd be able to tell all the goat dancers that there was someone in the movement *clearly* more weird than you!

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