Wednesday, February 04, 2015

In Memoriam: Mike Young (1944 - 2015)

An old fighter from the Rockwell days, Mike Young, passed away Monday. He was undergoing cancer treatment, which had taken a heavy physical toll on him. He was in a nursing home at the time and suffered an apparent heart attack. Mike Young was 71.
Mike began his right-wing career as a teenager in college when he joined the John Birch Society. He was an early Rockwell activist and fought and worked diligently for the White cause throughout his lifetime. He was constantly involved in Movement activities until he was virtually crippled by cancer treatments and surgeries late last year.
Mike was one of the great minds of our generation. He was a historian, philosopher and political mentor. He tutored dozens of young teenagers and introduced them to the Movement. Mike was a prolific writer and used the nom de guerre, Scotty Earbend.  
Our old comrade will be greatly missed. And gone are the many hours of intense political and Nietzschean discourse that lasted well into many nights. Mike Young now resides in Valhalla, where surely he sits at the right hand of Wotan, as a warrior of the Aryan race.
-Carl Geharis


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's very discouraging when a comrade takes cancer treatment from the cut, burn and poison mafia, know otherwise as the AMA.
Lock this onto your brain stem:
Cut out sugar and carbs as much as possible. Read up on the active molecules in red wine, blueberries etc. that helps the immune system fight off the cancer cells. Read up on the work of Otto Warburg. Most cancer victims usually die faster from the chemo and radiation treatment then from the cancer.
Take care of yourselves,
Read Natural News and the work of Mike Adams. Don't become a victim of the medical mafia and big pharma poisons.

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

Enter Valhalla
Mike Young, proud White warrior
He showed us the path.

7:06 AM  

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