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The Year Was 2081, And Everybody Was Finally Unequal

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The pursuit of equality mandates the elimination of freedom and the implementation of unjust laws.

In essence, equality as the highest moral good is the embracing of injustice as the ultimate weapon to fight nature.

But nature will always win, no matter the effort to pretend she's not there.

Wait a second, what does the Gateway Arch in St. Louis remind you of...

It was only a few a days ago, in thinking about the majesty and true beauty of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis (easily the most powerful symbol of Manifest Destiny and Western Man's unabashed conquering of the North American continent) that a realization of what it truly represents hit me: the bell curve.

No matter the effort, no matter the number of programs or initiatives, no matter the number of zeros in the monetary investment, the failure for the black race to live up to the standards set by the white race in St. Louis seem inescapably connected to one unmentionable word: genetics.

Discrimination on the part of whites to hold blacks doesn't make any sense, considering the same drive, ingenuity and resilience of a people reflected off the Gateway Arch (remember, it was built to memorialize Manifest Destiny...) has now been handicapped to eternally help black people catch up...

The same problems blamed for high black homicide rates (and overall black failure when compared to white standards of civilization) at the time the Berlin Wall fell, are still blamed today when describing why heavily black North St. Louis is a food desert.

Black failures then (and now) are blamed on unemployment, drugs, inadequate housing and lack of education are cited by those who try to find the reason for St. Louis' epidemic, as well as leaning on "hyper-segregation" and isolation from amenities, opportunities and resources, making it more difficult for them to get ahead in life.

James Clark, vice president of community outreach forBetter Family Life says he realizes there is a sub-culture in the urban core where “crime and violence is accepted.”

He blames that on lack of education and respect. Better Family Life tries to give those boys and men a new vision of themselves to combat the message that they are nothing.

“So the first thing we do is we give them a thorough understanding that you are a child of God you have to be responsible to yourself, your family and your neighborhood,” Clark said.

The current methods of hot spot policing from the St. Louis police department have been highly praised by outsiders, but Clark believes that is not what the community needs, suggesting hot spot resourcing would bear better outcomes.

“If we aren’t literally in our neighborhoods going door-to-door doing assessments on everyone in the household and then delivering the resources to meet the needs of the individuals in the households this will only get worse,” he explained.

The list of resources Clark seeks is long. He said, “We need prenatal care, we need alcohol and drug treatment, we need clinical evaluations, we need employment.”

In reality, Clark's idea is to retard the advancement of white civilization so black people can catch up (after all, when resources are redirected from one community to the other, the former community is left without any investments for its betterment).
... my gosh, the bell curve!!! St. Louis is truly Bell Curve City!

St. Louis in 2015 is 49 percent black and 43 percent white; the black population is solely responsible with keeping St. Louis in the lead for most violent American cities (homicide, aggravated assault, robbery, weapons offense, rapes, and non-fatal shooting suspects..).

This is why St. Louis Blues fans are scared of coming downtown (the Blues are the National Hockey League franchise).

This is why downtown St. Louis is a ghost-town at 5 p.m. on a weekday night. 

But Wednesday afternoon, I was strolling back to the newspaper when I happened to pass Copia Wine Bar and Restaurant, which occupies several storefronts — and 15,000 square feet — on the south side of Washington Avenue between 11th Street and Tucker Boulevard. Almost passed it, I should say. I decided to have a glass of wine.

It was almost 5 o’clock. The place was nearly empty. 

Amer Hawatmeh owns and runs the place. He came over to chat. (All right. I’ve stopped for a glass of wine once or twice before.) “How’s business?” I asked.

“Terrible,” he said.

Lunch and dinner are down. Happy hour is way down. Parties have been hit the hardest, he said. He told me he had almost $225,000 in cancellations in November and December. Mostly holiday parties, he said.

“Right now the weather is bad, but even before, you could see something was wrong. We used to look out the window and you’d think this was a major metropolis, but you don’t see that any more. The street is empty.”

That is not exactly welcome news for an entertainment district.
The future seems clouded. What will Ferguson do to the convention business? But that’s the future. The present is troubled enough. Hawatmeh said he didn’t know how long he’d be able to continue.

I asked what he would do if he were in charge. “We need more police,” he said.

“Visible police. I love the police. But you need to be able to see them. You know what I would do? Put them on horses. Get those horses from Forest Park and bring them here. If there is a crowd of people, and you have a policeman in the middle of the crowd, you can’t see him. But if he is on a horse, everybody can see him.”

Downtown St. Louis would not be dying were it not for the consistent, persistent, and visible threat of black criminality (visible in the blight and abandoned buildings were commerce once flourished).

The government, both major political parties, academia, the media, and all major religions in America push equality with a ferocity even Harrison Bergeron would find shocking, but the reality of inequality remains obvious to anyone willing to consider an alternative to the madness of modernity: and this reality can be glimpsed in looking at the arch in St. Louis, a monument we will one day praise as commemorating the opening of the west to Manifest Destiny, but also to the reality of race.

For the Gateway Arch also is the perfect representation of the much denounced Bell Curve, a work whose primary theory that does far more to explain the continued inability of the black race to achieve the standards of civilization set by whites then relying on the boogeyman of white privilege to explain away high rates of criminality, dysfunction, and food deserts wherever black people in America are found.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phhh, the way muzzies are overruning Europe and the US, blacks are the least of our worries. France and Germany will be Shari'a in ten years tops, England soon after that.

I don't think its going to be the Chinese who win, HAC, its going to be the muzzies. Islam vs. China, that will be the championship for the rulership of the world in 50-75 years (if even that long).

You are right about one thing though, our bla-yack brethren are going to be exterminated no matter who wins. Their "kill whitey" attitude is destroying the only people who really only looked out after them. Chinese, Muzzie, Latinomud, anyone else will just kill them.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A while ago, you were wondering about that show "Sleepy Hollow." Yes, the absence of white people was done deliberately. Just google something like 'multiculturalism no whites sleepy hollow' and you'll get news articles about it. It was a conscious choice to cast it to show a "multicultural" society in which there are no white people anymore.

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