Sunday, January 11, 2015

Made In America, But Not By White Americans

by Bill White

In 2013, a New York lawyer and her “techentrepeneur” girlfriend decided to win America’s multi-culturalist youth over to a new concept—Made In America. Once upon a time, this had appeal, as Made In America products meant jobs for White Americans, instead of for a Babel of dark people ekeing out a miserable existence on slave-labor wages. Today, Maxine Bedat and Saraya Darabi have proven that high fashion can be “made in America” with as much alien involvement as products shipped from China.

Bedat and Darabi, themselves colored like the silty mud washing through New York’s gutter on a rainy day, started their quest with White farmers, who tried to refuse doing business with them.

“She was pushy,” Oregon sheep rancher Jeanne Carver told media. “It was like, she’s so removed from our world in agriculture. I don’t think she’s ever going to get it.”

But money pushed into Bedat and Darabi’s company Zady by the singularity-seeking Jews at Google’s Innovation Endeavors talked. The swarthy sisters got their wool, which they shipped to Jamestown, S.C. to be processed by Chargeurs Wool U.S.A., a French-owned company. Then they processed the wool through two White-owned family businesses to send it to Ball of Cotton, a Commerce, California company, where it is knitted into sweaters by Korean immigrants.

The final product is a sweater as grey and colorless as the One World which produced it. Sold at $160 apiece, the mocha mommas see their competition in other One World capitalist brands like J Crew.

Zady’s approach to business is symbolic of the return of other companies to the United States. Now that the backs of White working people have been broken by free trade, and wages are rapidly falling throughout the country due both to economic mismanagement and immigrant labor, there is no reason not to just employ little dark people for slave wages here at home. In the case of the Zady sweater, all that’s missing is some engross to nit-pick the wool, and they were only left out because of the difficulty of finding any blacks who will work.    

According to the Carvers, 75 American designers have inquired about their wool in the past 14 months, up from zero in 2009.

While Asian and Hispanic immigrants join their trendy New York brethren in completing three of the sweaters’ seven processes, Obama’s new scheme to legalize 34 million more illegal immigrants, adding to the 32 million and their children legalized since 1986, should guarantee that, soon, now White people at all will have to touch a “Made In America” product.

The disconnect shows the widening gulf between White people and the American identity. While “American used to refer to White Europeans living in America, it now refers to a failed internationalist experiment similar to that of ancient Rome. While the election of Barack Obama has rapidly hastened the final stages of American decline, this current plan to destroy America has been going for almost a century.

The first step was the integration of primitive blacks, and when they failed to prosper, it was continued by the opening of the borders to Mexicans and Central Americans by Ronald Reagan and his successors. Now that American economic decline has largely stopped mestizo immigration from Latin America, Barack Obama has brought in boatloads of Asians and Africans in an effort finally to sink America’s ship.

While White workers were once the privileged beneficiaries on the ingenuity of their élite, Judæo-occult forces persuaded that capitalist élite to turn on and devour their own people in favor of a globalized system of slavery. This Zionist system posits a “racially pure” Jewish multitude governing over a de-racialized, impoverished horde in a Soylent Green world.

Zady’s faux-American sweater may well reflect the bland and colorless world of multi-racialism, and its founders, two foolish young women, may have no idea that the One World they represent is ugly, but they do beg a question: why don’t they go and make sweaters in the country of their own ancestors?

* * *

The Bureau of Prisons inmate locator now shows Bill at the Loretto, Pennsylvania camp, although nothing has been heard from Bill himself and he appears to be held completely incommunicado like the Count of Monte Cristo, which is of course illegal, but then the dictator's servants are not required to obey the law. The address is:

William A. White #13888-084
P. O. Box 1000
Loretto, PA 15940


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey HAC, just in case you wake up and realize that your "Quis Custodiet Custodies" seqments spearing the FBI were among your most effective propaganda ever, here's a list to read if you take it up again:

No really, HAC, attacking the FBI was not making evil people funny. It was real 'black propaganda' of the type that Sefton Delmer and even your buddy Goebbels would have recognized. It was very effective too, not just for your followers but for the federal morons listening to you.

You were on the right track belittleing them and you need to get back to it!

10:08 AM  

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