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Letter From Bill White - November 27th, 2014

[I found this letter from Bill at the bottom of a stack of stuff. – HAC]
Nov. 27, 2014
Hello Harold,
Happy Thanksgiving. Enclosed are two more AFP articles. I'm loading you up before I go into transit. Once I arrive in BOP, my mail should normalize. (It has not. Bill is being held in solitary confinement and incommunicado. – HAC) Here, I'm finding out, not only has my legal mail been stopped, but also, letters I've sent to uncalled witnesses trying to find out why my attorneys didn't call them.
You know, I have been reflecting on the problem of American complacency. You know the problem well: you confront a person with an obvious fact, like multi-culturalism has led to violent anti-White racism. Advocates of violent, anti-White racism will both deny and justify this, but "normal" reply like cattle with one of three responses: 1) amnesia, 2) abulia, or 3) apathy - like of memory, lack of will, or lack of caring. They stare at you like cattle and either refuse to examine the facts or refuse to believe that anything can be done. In fact, people can become quite violent, screaming "I don't want to look at the evidence" and breaking down into all sorts of dissonant states  when the evidence is placed in front of them.
For decades, I have seen White activists acknowledge this, vent frustration at it, and often, give up in the face of it. In response, I can only issue my view.
First, we don't have to win over the goyim cattle because they will follow the leader. We only have to win over the minority capable of leadership and displace the existing ruling minority. This means that the limited resources at our command should be primarily directed towards our elite and against the enemy elite. This is why I cringe when I see someone throw his life away shooting people or even police at random. Such acts do not harm the power structure and have little effect on the popular psyche. They are not what needs to be done.
Second, the glazed-over effect is a psychologically conditioned effect. We live within a vast processing machine. All of our social institutions, from the educational to the informational, to the religious to the entertaining, are designed to implant messages into us - to condition us. Those of us who are awake can vastly assist ourselves by immersing ourselves in our own conditioning tools - music, society, media. But, we also have to continue to develop conditioning tools for the masses. These run the gamut from philosophy and religion to informational and propaganda - and they need to expand into neglected areas, particularly education. The White "movement" no longer provides schooling of any sort, from elementary to university-level, or almost any material for parents with children. I don't think we should target disaffected teenagers; I think we need to provide more support for parents and children. Newsmedia, we have. Entertainment, we do okay. Education, social support and services, and community building, we do badly.
Part of this fits into your complaint - that we don't meet face to face anymore. But we also don't invest in meeting places. We don't build institutions. We don't act collectively. Why is there no maturity and long term planning?
Part of this, also, is your complaint about money. The problem is not lack of money in White organizations. The problem is both dispersion of resources and the fact that what money is out there is constantly being stolen or squandered. There are tons of money in White organizations - I would guess that the major White and White-oriented organizations in the U.S. see between them $5 - $10 million dollars a year. But none of that money is retained or captured, and there is no oversight. When money does accumulate, it is quickly stolen in lawsuits because it is poorly organized. Worse, when confronted with money issues, even awake White people often develop cattle eyes.
Take yourself, Harold. You have a substantial audience - and you don't need a large audience to be substantial. Can you think of two to four people besides yourself that you could trust to sit on a board and turn your Northwest Independence movement into a professional organization? And I don't want to pick on you, but why don't you incorporate? Probably because you lack assets. Why don't you raise money to buy a small piece of real estate - maybe a building in some rural town - for cash for under $100,000 to serve as a meeting place? Wrap it up professionally as an LLC separate from your political operations, so you don't get hit Richard Butler or UKA style, rent it back to yourself, insure it so you aren't fire bombed - and then make it into a community center for charity and White families?
And that's not just  you, but why don't any White groups do this? This is how people are brought out of their goyim-cowan-cattle shells. And even if it can't be done immediately - why does no one attempt it? I know of one White group which finally, after years of improper delays, has bought an office park in the DC area. Just forty years ago, there were book stores in many major cities. Fifteen years ago, there were a good smattering of compounds and mini-headquarters. And I'll take that back - I know of one other group with a rural living facility, besides the disputed National Alliance compound.
Anyway, Harold, I diverted somewhat from my intentions when I started writing, but I feel great frustration at what I see in the world. I spend a lot of my time, with my limited resources, trying to bring White projects together for positive things while all the while being attacked with nonsense legal allegations and besieged on all fronts. I don't just think, but know the government is much more afraid of White people who want to build things than they are of the kind of nonsense they accuse me of, and that  my imprisonment is much more intended to stop positive things than disrupt any imagined crimes.
Anyway, Harold, if I were to sketch a direction for the movement in 2015, I would suggest the following:
1. Build White Publications. There are two White publications: The American Free Press and The First Freedom, which are the White movement's most effective advertising venues. Advertising dollars spent there return 2 to 5 to 1 if done properly. Every White organization should be working both to build and to use these publications to build themselves. There are several ways to do this:
A. These publications need broader subscription, retail and distribution bases. This means that, instead of reinventing the wheel, smaller White publications would do well to merge into these bigger ones and transfer their subscription base. For example, say that you publish a one-man magazine. You have 300 readers paying $30.00 a year - or $9,000 a year. You would be infinitely better off publishing a weekly column for AFP, which pays $7,200/year and up, and sending them your subscription base. You eliminate all your mailing and publishing costs and give AFP $18,000/year in revenue. You reach a larger audience (20,000 print/250,000 web) and you contribute to something bigger than yourself.
B. The larger AFP audience helps build your project. Say you are a small book seller. An AFP ad, 2/3 page, run once with 5-10 titles will sell 80-120 books. Wouldn't  you like to sell 960-1440 books a year? Why not do the same for music? How about using AFP to build your membership organization? Your storefront? What can an audience of 20,000 motivated people do for you? And The First Freedom works just as well. A half-page ad reliably sells 80-120 books. I'm sure it sells other things as well.
2. Acquire Real Assets. There should be a White meeting place within an hour of every major city. In fact, there should be more. Every White project should immediately professionalize itself so that it can hold and receive assets and then begin raising funds to acquire and fund a meeting space of some kind. Further, every serious White group should start looking for a small commercial space with some foot traffic to acquire - probably in a small town on a major city's outskirts. I can't see any reason, Harold, why your group, for instance, shouldn't have $100,000 set aside in a building fund by December 2015. To do this:
A. Groups need to set up boards and real financial accountability. I know of one group which recently transitioned from the single-leader model to management by a real, five-member board. I believe that the National Alliance RRG is also set up on this model as championed by William Pierce. I cannot think of any group that is effectively led by one man without some sort of board or cabinet. I also know that people are leery of giving money to groups without financial oversight and proper accountability. Developing a building fund is a great time to build a professional management structure.
B. Groups need to properly organize corporately. If Richard Butler had had an LLC, there'd still be an Aryan Nations compound. Ditto for Matt Hale and the UKA. When you buy a building, you put it in a single asset LLC and rent it back to your group's operation. Time for everyone to learn this. With these things done, there will be a reason for responsible people to increase their levels of giving.
3. Build Worthwhile Projects. As I discussed, the handful of worthwhile projects out there need to get more attention, and "the movement" needs to start narrowing its energies so that they are driven into these projects, not diffused everywhere. If I were directing resources, I would do as follows:
A. To you: I really admire your efforts, Harold. I think your books should be disseminated. I think that people should be engaged in community building in the Northwest, and I think that your web media and radio show should be expanded. You should make your project a regional hub: set up meeting spaces near Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Coeur D'Alene, etc. I really hope that your group puts together  a real proposal to professionalize your operations, and if you haven't, to build both online community and social media as well. The online aspect of White activism is really vacant at this point - AFP has tried to expand there, but has had limitations, and no one capable of bigger things other than yourself is really working in this space.
B. To the NARRG: There are two reasons to support the National Alliance RRG. One, to rebuild the National Alliance; and two, to stop Erich Gliebe and Kevin Alfred Strom from sucking well-intentioned White people into a dead end. The second should not be discounted: The potential toxicity of the Weenie is significant. The two are an unproductive laughing stock with nothing to contribute, and they  need to be denied resources until they shrivel up like a weed.
Right now, the NARRG is primarily fighting the Weenie in court over both the old headquarters and several hundreds of thousands of dollars in estates. These resources need to end up in NARRG hands. However, like you, Harold, I would like to see the NARRG put forward a real program for action and start investing in the future. Rebuilding their media, literature distribution and meeting network  would be a blessing for White people.
C. To Karl Hand: Karl Hand has two vastly under-appreciated assets: One, his prisoner support network, and two, his White Christmas Drive. There is nothing that builds goodwill like acts of kindness, and I don't know of anyone other than Karl and company who are engaged in charity for indigent White people. Someone - maybe you, Harold - should take this idea and run with it. Why not set up a new Winter Relief? Why not set up a  [illegible] to provide food and clothes to indigent White people - not just Christmas gifts. This is where the future of our movement is, Harold.
D. To Michael Hoffman: Michael Hoffman is not a White activist per se, but he is the only serious scholar I know of in the United States doing the kind of independent research people need. He supports himself from his work and is planning serious expansion into his own building and the like. His Revisionist History project does not get the resources and attention it deserves, and Hoffman is also a very capable person - someone who can build and administer an organization rather than squander its resources.
Anyway, Harold, I've written much more than I had planned, but I think I've laid out some ideas here that I may gadfly onto others.
Slowly, Harold, over the past few years, I've been able to nudge people into doing the right things. I just hope it continues.


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