Friday, January 02, 2015

Latest "Diesel Therapy" Report On Bill White

Bill White has been moved yet again to another way station on his journey into the Belly of the Beast, this time to the camp at Canaan, Pennsylvania. His present destination is still unknown.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You keep ruminating on why the joos and forces of zion keep going after people like Bill White and Edgar Steele when its apparent they are not a threat to anyone. Well, that's obvious.

Adolf Hitler, in 1923, imprisoned and belittled, seemed a very small fish. Oh he had followers and was famous in local movements, had tried to overthrow Bavaria, but all in all no one really took him seriously. There were people on the Left who warned the Bavarian Government not to let him go, noting that this "small fry" had potential to do so much more. But they were ignored and Hitler was released... very nearly destroying Jooish International Zion as the result.

So, its clear that the joos who rule us now are terrified to the point of shitting in their pants (something they get gratification and pleasure from anyway) over "little fish" like Bill White and Edgar Steele. They are terrified that one of these seeming non-entities may turn out to come back to haunt them in a big way.

Remember, unlike the Amurrican masses, joos have not ever forgot what almost happened to them in the early middle part of the 20th century. They almost lost it all, all their power and fortunes, and potential for feeding, vampiric, off the rest of humanity. They have sworn "Never Again" by which they mean that no one will ever be allowed to challenge their world dominion again, ever.

Bill White and Edgar Steele didn't turn out to be a new Fuhrer, but the joos can never take the chance that some little guy they let go because he's no real threat, will turn around and kick them out of power and punish them for the evil deeds that they have done.

10:03 AM  

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