Saturday, January 24, 2015

From A College Student

Dear HAC:

Yes, the address and zip were correct but the apartment number was wrong.  I somehow fogged and posted my previous apt number, but XXX is the correct apartment number.  Thank you for resending it, and I look forward to receiving it and following up with the NW as soon as possible. 

By the way, a few of my college professors are familiar with the Northwest Homeland and your published works.  I'm amazed at how many college students at this institution have already heard of the movement.  

Also, on another positive note, I have noticed that many students partaking in classroom lectures here at [redacted] are openly discussing demographic concerns and foreign policy regarding AIPAC and Jewish influence without paranoia or fear of institutional repercussions, so that is definitely a good sign.  Moreover, some professors are starting to make parallels between Thucydides' infamous Melian dialogue and US-Israel relations whilst covering the topic of Realism in the international realm.



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