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Bill White's Last Letters

[Dissident author and religious scholar Bill White is now listed by the Bureau of Prisons as being at the Loretto labor camp in Pennsylvania, but no one has heard anything from him in almost six weeks. His actual fate is unknown. These are the last letters I received from him, when he was still in Florida.  - HAC]
Dec. 3, 2014
Hello Harold,
I have been moved to what seems like luxury housing here - a window, a mirror, a bed not made of concrete blocks. I am now getting outside every day and am almost being treated well. Why? Because I'm no longer pre-trial. They torture you until they get what they want.
The government appears to have conceded a sentencing error in the Virginia case involving my unwanted still-wife. That will give me at least 29 months back. And the Elonis case looks good in the Supreme Court, with a ruling expected before June. Any move there, and I'm good - at least new trials everywhere.
I'm still waiting to leave for Chicago - why, I'm not sure.
And it looks like my legal defense fund is hiring investigators to preserve evidence so I can be ready to ยง2255 if these appeals go badly. If anyone out there wants to help, send money to:
Bill White Legal Defense Fund
PO Box 2770
Stafford, VA  22555
I am waiting to hear on costs, but $2,000 - $5,000 seems likely for now. However, I have good issues. In Roanoke, my attorney has already admitted some errors, and new evidence which came out here should give me a new trial. In particular, my Roanoke attorney missed a virus in my e-mail account which allowed a third party to control it - a small error.
Here in Florida, there was some bad advice, but there was just a lot of bad courtroom practice - defense witnesses were not called and important evidence was not cross-examined - largely because my attorney was convinced of my innocence. 

Anyway, my legal defense fund seems to have good lawyers and investigators looking at this -so every dollar helps. If folks want me out of prison, there is limited time to put this together.      
Enclosed is an AFP article and sidebar to do together.
Thank you for all that you do, Harold.
* * *

Dec 7, 2014
Hello Harold,
A phenomenon which I have frequently encountered in prison is what I call the "banging negro". I have written about this before. This is generally a young negro, very black, often grossly overweight, who sleeps all day and devotes his evenings to banging out negroid rhythms. I find it ironic that such negroes, who generally take no exercise, find the energy to bang in such a way, as it must be quite a workout for them.
When the banging negro gets going, he is often met with the rapping negro, who chants moronic pseudo-English to the beat, and, I have seen in some facilities, dancing negroes, who are moved in the primitive tribal way of their people to strip off their clothes and dance naked as if charmed. Such is the Dionysian nature of these parodies of man.
Here, in my new housing, I am quite comfortable, but we do have a banging negro. I call him Moon Pie, not knowing his name, because he is black and round and soft at heart. You should see him on the recreation yard - he can make about two bizarre, warbling 30 yard sprints, culminating in a strange kick of the wall - before he is so exhausted, he pants. Yet, in the mind of this clearly slightly retarded sociopath, he is running the unit, the boss of bosses, so to speak. I often just find myself laughing.
One of the things I've learned, both from prison and from my experiences with my wife and [name of actual perpetrator in his cases redacted], is that a person who is big at age 20 or 21, will be grotesque by age 30, and that to be grossly overweight at such an age is a sign of serious mental disorder or sociopathy.
You know, every  month I receive the Wall Street Journal magazine, a magazine which I can best describe as a showcase of evil. When you see the people and the things that the internationalists and the Zionist elite promote, it is almost funny to see the way in which they call my words - both those actually altered, and those merely attributed - a crime. Every month WSJ magazine highlights "artists" while advertising high fashion - clothes that often cost more than a working person earns in a year.
A few months ago, WSJ featured - in a rare move - a Romanian-born model  chosen for her attractiveness and not the unattractive bizareness of her appearance, which is how most fashion models are chosen. They photographed this young woman at the property of some decadent and aging pervert on the coast of Mexico. Here, the scumbag fashioned ugliness he called art and only allowed in those members of the super-rich who annually committed "every one of the seven deadly sins". The model asked how much to rent a villa, and the man responded, "No, only the super-rich may stay here."
Last month, the WSJ showcased, for the Satanic  super-rich, an angry negro woman who made art of little black girls fellating little White boys in Civil War costumes. This month, a Jew bitch named Cohen highlights her charity "Fuck Cancer", a half-Hindu pop star poses with a White man named Riff Raff, whose teeth have apparently been replaced with metal screws, and we learn of an artist who makes decals out of pornography and sticks them onto cars.
In describing the tampering with the human genetic code and the so-called "advances" of modern science, Michael Hoffman notes that modern  man, far from being horrified by the actual evil which pervades all aspects of our society, would be much more horrified if some Taliban - or, now - Islamic state - were to come and set the whole works on fire. That, in a nutshell, is why I'm in prison.
Elsewhere, in the print edition of the Journal, they then run a lengthy book review attacking Ezra Pound for his anti-Semitism and his opposition to usury. That, and not confused, miscegenated creatures waving their middle fingers at a crowd of maniacally mesmerized youth and Jews saying, "Fuck Cancer" while talking about the need to be "direct" with "millennials", is the atrocity.
And, by the way, have we not heard enough of this "talkin' 'bout my generation" shit? The Jews target kids because kids are dumb. I was a dumb kid - so were you, I'm sure. They pump kids up with an exaggerated sense of themselves because youth is vulnerable to that, and then they lure out and eat their souls.
So, Harold, I thought of just writing to WSJ to remind them of the evil which they represent, but I realized that this was pointless. Better to share with an audience - even a small one.
But, what conclusions can be drawn?
All diversion of society's wealth - and wealth has to be looked at as a social, not individual, possession - toward decadence has to end. The best way to do this is to identify the decadent and dispossess them of their wealth. And this is not difficult, because: the big flashing road sign of decadence is usury. As a society - as an ethno-cultural organism - we should identify all the bankers and money lenders, declare their wealth void, and distribute it to the people. Then we must ban the practice of usury which allowed such parasites to grow.
Then what will be left is a mopping up operation. Those few non-usurers who promoted internationalism - the Bill Gateses of the world - will be dispossessed as well. A few thousand mostly Jewish scum will be left impoverished. Maybe 180 million of America's white population will receive the wealth. (With 20 million Whites and 15 million not really whites needing to go in the ash can as diseased and unrecoverable cells.) And the evil of modern capitalism will  be suppressed - if we can keep it. Then this artist's retreat in Mexico will dry up and maybe some villagers will move back in to fish and live in little not-very-artistic huts.
I finally received one of Karl Hand's newsletters in the mail. In it, I read of a prisoner in California  who collected 200 postage stamps to help Karl pay for shipping on his White Christmas Drive. Finally, I thought, the right idea is spreading. I made some phone calls and sent some letters. I had the inmate sent books and subscriptions with my thanks. Karl got sent money, and I hope that AFP co-sponsors his White Christmas Drive next year; they should just squeeze an ad in this year.
When I ran the ANSWP, of course, I didn't object to confrontations with negroes. If I were not in prison, I would have counter-marched in Ferguson. But I always urged our organizers to not focus on black agitation, but to focus on doing good for their White communities. And it was this that caused the federal government to target us. The feds like having people running around talking about niggers and Jews and what not. We draw dissidents out so the feds can monitor and arrest them. But what they do not want is for White people to stop being a pathological fringe and to start doing good for other White people.
I think that this goal of the federal government's - their goal to marginalize us by encouraging only confrontation and to stop any good works - has done more to harm "the movement" than any other. This, then, begs the question of: why have not more of the White leadership caught on? In part, it may be because, like Al Sharpton in Ferguson, White leaders too often volunteer themselves to be the servants of hidden forces.
Though this letter may not reach you by New Year's, Harold, I would urge all of those reading it to focus in 2015 on one thing: how to give of themselves to improve the lives of White communities. For 50 years, White organizations have focused on fighting, resistance and confrontation. Maybe some of that, if done properly, would be appropriate as armed black mobs, organized by the Obama administration and its intelligence agencies, take the streets. However, what White organization out there has the balls to confront both an armed negro mob and the police and federal agents protecting them? No - what I would wish is that "the Movement" take just one year - one year out of 50 - and spend it building things that will still be here next year, and doing good for others. Instead of "how can I get someone to send me $25?", how about "who can I give $25 to?" Instead of "I'm angry now", how about "what can I do now which will still be here tomorrow?"
Anyway, I'm ranting, Harold, but as a prisoner with nothing to do, that's my privilege.
Legally, I am awaiting transport to Chicago. The feds have admitted a miscalculation of my guidelines  in Virginia, which should give me back 2-1/2 years. I am waiting for Elonis to be decided; this will likely vacate my convictions. And I'm trying to interview and hire lawyers to preserve evidence and prepare to the numerous errors of my current, free attorneys. However,  it has  become clear to me that the only realistic legal relief I can hope for is going to come from my own efforts; meaning, I hope to one day be returned to BOP where I can access a law library.
I hope that this letter finds you well.



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Yep, he's still 'missing' - but corrlinks says his account is 'temporarily unavailable'....which apparently means he's being punished by the institution and not allowed to use it. Odd that there has been no letters though, hopefully it's not another hunger strike. - G.D

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