Friday, January 09, 2015

Bill White May Have Been "Disappeared"

From Gabriel d'Annunzio's site at
"Where is Bill White? We don't know. The BOP inmate locator says he is in Canaan Penitentiary - but no one has heard anything since he was sent there. It's not like Bill to be quiet and non-communicative, so I'm beginning to suspect something may be amiss as it's been a while since anyone had any contact with Bill.

"It's possible that he may have issues getting a pen and pencil or still be in transit somewhere....but...after this amount of time it seems unlikely. So I am now under the opinion that something bad may have occurred (or be currently occurring) at Canaan."

Look, I hate to be a Gloomy Gus, but I have to say that in view of the extensive (to put it mildly) correspondence Bill has sent to me over the past year, three weeks of silence is ominous indeed.

I will state frankly that in my opinion, even if he does re-surface, the United States government intends to carry out an "extrajudicial execution" of Bill White (yes, that's the legal term) under the authority National Defense Authorization Act of 2011, as was done in the cases of Ibragim Todashev, Michael Hastings, and Edgar J. Steele.

The Bill White case is simply too potentially embarrassing for them, especially the part where his sentencing judge in Roanoke stated flat out that Bill was innocent and being persecuted for his political beliefs (before sentencing him anyway--that's what gets me); the part where the actual crime was committed by the prosecution's primary witness while in the presence of U.S. Marshals; and the part where two courts have held that Bill White was in two places at the same time and convicted in both cases. If this wasn't so hideous and a real human life wasn't at stake, it would resemble a Monty Python movie

They're going to kill him. I'm going to be playing Roddy McCorley again soon on RFN, I'm afraid.


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