Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bayou Volunteer

Dear Harold,

I’m contacting you concerning your latest podcast.  You mentioned you were in need of a typist for our political prisoners, and I believe I’m more than qualified for the job.  If this volunteer position is still available let me know ASAP, and I will be more than happy to have the inmates’ letters typed and emailed to you by your preferred deadline.

My name is [redacted] and my home address is [redacted].  I’m currently a senior at [redacted] University and one semester away from earning my degree in international relations.  I have followed your blog for at least ten years and have distributed NW pamphlets and information since my sophomore year in high school.

Moreover, I would greatly appreciate a copy of your White Book.  I have plans for relocating to the Homeland in roughly seven months with my fiancé and some of her relatives from here in Louisiana.  Believe me, Harold, Louisiana is a hotbed for motivated whites, as the recent development of the St. George township was recently established for the purpose of re-segregating whites from the demolished schools and overall Baton Rouge society at large.  The place is a congoid wreck and the fertility rates in this region are definitely not in our favor, so the soil is tilled and seeds are being planted. 

[Bayou Volunteer]


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