Friday, December 12, 2014

Zionists Eke Out Moldova Win

by Bill White 

For decades now, Western nations and their EU allies have shown the world what to do when you don’t like an election’s likely outcome—ban the opposition, arrest its leaders, then certify the resulting elections as “democratic.” Belgium’s banning of Flemish nationalists Vlaams Blok, Greece’s arrest of the Golden Dawn leadership, Germany’s ban on “neo-Nazis” and even America’s persecution of national dissidents all fit this mold. On December 1st, this pattern was seen again in Moldova, where the Patria of Fatherland Party, holding 13% if the vote, was banned days before the election, giving Moldova a pro-European Union Parliament.

The ban, which was officially denounced by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, was the latest anti-Russian aggression committed by Zionist internationalists in Eastern Europe. As a result of the disqualification, pro-EU parties took 45% of the vote versus 39% for pro-Russian parties. Had Patria taken 13% of the vote, the figures would have been 40% and 47% respectively.

The election tampering occurs in a volatile occurs on a volatile region which, like the Ukraine, has been territorially divided by the ethnic-Russian separatists. Shortly after its independence in 1991, the region of Transnistria broke free of Moldova. It is currently defended by Russian peacekeeping forces.

The most popular party in Moldova were the pro-Russian Socialists, who took 21.4% of the vote. Thousands of Moldovans living abroad in Russia were not permitted to vote.

Western conspiracy theories say that Russia is planning to annex all of southern Ukraine as Novorossiya, thus creating a land bridge to Transnistria. Moldova was part of the Soviet Union until 1991. Portions of it were taken from Romania in World War Two.

Despite denouncing the irregularities, OSCE called the election “largely well-run” and “free and dignified,” expressing the fraud of Western democracy. The United States, EU, and other One World Zionist allies say that they want representative governments. But when nations vote against the One World agenda, or political dissidents organize within their own nations, these internationalist powers use whatever violence is necessary to rush national resistance.

In the Ukraine, Western-backed mercenaries worked with CIA-organized protest groups to launch Maidan, a “color revolution” coup which toppled a pro-Russian government and installed a gang of Jews and bankers.

Following the election, the European Union stated that it “looks forward to the formation of an inclusive and accountable government.” The new government may seek EU membership.

Russia had no official reaction to the elections.

The election came as NATO admitted it was having trouble putting together even 5,000 troops in a rapid-reaction force to defend Europe, should Russia decide to further roll back One Word gains. NATO has asked its members to contribute to the brigade, but admitted that it didn’t have sufficient equipment in place to deploy even that small number of troops. Further, several NATO allies have indicated that they either do not wish to co-operate against Russia or doubted NATO’s commitment, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland.

U.S, media has stirred up fears of a general Russian invasion to liberate Eastern Europe, while admitting most NATO nations lack forces to resist such an attack. Of NATO’s 28 members, 24 spend less than 2% of their GDP on defense. 16 have armies of less than 50,000 men. Six, including all three of the alleged “threatened” Baltic nations, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, have combined armed forces of less than 10,000 men each.

The disparity between US-EU-NATO military weakness and US-EU-NATO aggression is quite shocking. The Zionists have no compunction about putting civilians at risk in ill-thought-out revolutions and wars, promising military support and collective self-defense and then leaving their dupes high and dry.


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