Monday, December 08, 2014

To The White People Of Hartford, Connecticut

You tried to run away to White suburbs so your children can be safe. Now the Beast expands his tentacles to reach into your new neighborhoods and drag your children into the multi-racial hellholes in Hartford anyway. Connecticut is so small, that's possible.

Fleeing to the suburbs will no longer cut it. Not in Connecticut or Detroit or New Jersey are anywhere else.

Come Home. Bring your children Home. Home to the Pacific Northwest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought about this article and cannot workup any sympathy for Connetishits. The state is still about 76 percent white. This leaves plenty of room to escape to white enclavens.

The way I see it, they made their mess, let them stir in it. They have always been Libtards and have voted for those who are most against white interest.

Yes it would have made a difference to vote Republicon back in the day of Pete Wilson and Jessie Helms. Had the Yankee states been strong in those days, the Republicunts might have stiffened their collective backbones and fought against Apefirmative Action, Section Ape housing, etc.

As for as Connetifucks, I hope all their Lilly white daughters shack with the ugliest bucks and provide shit colored kids and grand-kids. Ha, Ha, Ha.

5:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand your disgust and anger but we can ill afford to lose any White women...

9:40 PM  

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