Monday, December 01, 2014

Grenade Launchers In School

Feds Sold Schools Grenade Launchers To Control Schools 
by Bill White 

The Department of Defense sold grenade launchers to the Los Angeles Unified School District’s school security staff as part of Congress’ 1033 Program. Established in the early 1990s to equip local police and governments with surplus military equipment.

The Los Angeles Unified School District was one of a dozen school districts across the United States which purchased military weapons and equipment including mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles, fully automatic M-16 rifles, and other military equipment including grenade launchers to equip school security SWAT teams. While these SWAT teams have never been deployed, these purchases are causing critics to ask when a grenade launcher could ever be appropriately used in a school setting.

In response to criticism, Steven Zipperman, chief of the Los Angeles Schools Police department, told the media that his department would sell the grenade launchers and it “never intended to use them to launch grenades.” What else Zipperman thought grenade launchers might be used for is unclear.

The 1033 Program has recently become the subject of public scrutiny as its misuse by law enforcement agencies across the country becomes clear. In Michigan, a one-man police force purchased 20 M-16 rifles through the program. In Oklahoma, a one-man sheriff’s department purchased two MRAP armored vehicles. In Salt Lake County, Utah the Granite School District purchased automatic rifles to police children, while in Texas the Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District also used a program to set up a SWAT team. M16s, two Humvees, and a military truck were purchased by Edinburg from the Department of Defense.

While sporadic and horrific massacres have occurred at schools over the past 15 years, fueled by the cancerous nihilism of multi-culturalist American society, most school violence is petty and related to inherent violence and the gang culture of America’s black and Latino minorities. Still, SWAT teams with explosives have no legitimate function in a school district, Their need being so rare, their idleness can only be a source of trouble.

America’s schools are designed to impose the socio-cultural norms of internationalist society on American children so as to better place them in servitude to the Zionist super0state which America’s multi-cultural élite have constructed. The arming of school security staff is part of a larger acculturalization of American children to the security state necessary to force different ethno-cultural organisms to live “peacefully” in the same area.

Further. there is the “yahoo” factor among such over-armed and under-trained school security personnel. Like many police and sheriffs, such men and women are often low-paid army wannabes unequal to making decisions such as whether or not it would be appropriate to shoot a grenade into the school. It is never appropriate to shoot a grenade into a school.

While the 1033 Program is undesirable, it addresses a real problem, which is that multi-ethnic societies can only be held together by repressive force. When that force is relaxed, such societies disintegrate. Thus, rather than addressing the symptom of selling grenade launchers to schools, American politicians should be addressing the cause and planning the break-up of America into ethnic mini-states. This, however, is unlikely to be addressed peacefully by Congress or the administration, who remain focused on band-aid fixes to sustain the system as long as possible.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, the grenade launchers are probably meant to fire tear gas grenades but still...

3:57 PM  
Blogger brian boru said...

I don't think that it would be too bad to use a few grenades on the 'students' of some of the inner city schools. A little grenade shrapnel would do wonders in getting the attention of the apes in the classroom. Those nigger schools are a complete waste of time and money anyway.

11:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To answer the question asked on the picture of the adam-12 guys and the commandos, "when did this, become this"

I don't know if you know that the creator of adam-12 was the half-jew Jack Webb, and it was he who introduced S.W.A.T. in season 2, episode 14 (1969) to launch that show which he also created.

Here's a link to the episode where SWAT was introduced to the public:

So, in a strange way, it was Jack Webb who began the indoctrination process of us accepting SWAT/commandos on our streets.

6:59 PM  

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