Saturday, December 13, 2014

Good Northwest Front Magazine Article. Not Great, But Good.

Okay, this is kind of a historic moment. The Northwest Front has just received its first coverage in a serious, if not quite mainstream, publication. 

There is a lot of personal drivel in there about me in the first part of the article, the kind of crap which is untrue without being outright false, if you understand what I'm saying--you know, the kind of horse manure the media specializes in. (They very seldom outright lie, since they might get caught, but they convey untruth, if you get my drift.) 

That having been said, in fairness to Mr. Michael, I think he had to put the gibberish in there, or the article simply would never have seen the light of day. He and I both know the rules, and I have to say that once you get past the politically-required initial smoke screen of GUBU, the article is not too bad at all. Kind of an "okay, I've genuflected before the altar of liberalism and bashed and insulted my subject up to the required minimum standard so the publication won't get in trouble with the Jews, now can I get on with what I have to say?" kind of thing.
Once he lays the GUBU aside, Mr. Michael presents the Northwest Imperative as fairly and completely as we're ever going to get with this media. I found it kind of hard to read online because you can't actually access a proper text, just a screen shot of the paper page, and it's hard to navigate, but it's worth putting up with the jiggling screen and reading. I will try to get a hard copy of the magazine, clip the pages, and run off some hand-held copies for some of you guys.

The following is the link for uncensored comment on this article:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, second billing to ISIS on the cover! Now that's a step up in the world! Imagine, the NVA now a threat second only to the Islamic State!

They do know that the NVA is just from a book, right? There really isn't an NVA and they don't really get to lust after Kiki McGee, right? I wonder if they had an issue about the Death Eaters when Harry Potter was in vogue?

1:42 PM  

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