Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fan Mail

Mr. Covington,

Tonight I just finished reading Fire And Rain. I wanted to take the time to write to you and thank you, again, for your penning yet another story that really was enjoyable on more than a few levels.

This e-mail is not intended to give you a critique or review or any crap like that. Just wanted to say thanks for reaffirming notions I learned from my dad, and on my own, on my trek through the shithole we call life in America.

My son will benefit from your actions because you’ve helped me to remember “why.”

Why we stand up. Why we march forward. Why we argue when others placate. Why some of us will take the time to educate a shit head when it is so much easier to just walk away. And why it isn’t right to walk away at all in some cases. Not that I forgot, mind you, but a little reminder here and there can be appreciated so we stay the course.

It’s hard for me to verbalize what I try to express at times but your Northwest Front novels have helped me to be a better father and a better man. A better white man.

Sometimes we can get caught up in day to day “stuff” and lose sight of what is really important. Like forgetting some things we learned from our parents and grandparents. Direct teachings and indirect lessons alike.

Thank you again from the little white guy in the town with the big Jew name.

-Joe from Hebron, CT


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