Sunday, December 21, 2014

CIA Training To Sexually Mutilate POWS

by Bill White 

For the past several months, Americans have been shocked by videos of ISIS troops beheading American CIA assets acting under journalistic cover. The circulation of these YouTube videos has proven effective in terrorizing enemies of the Islamic State. But few Americans are aware that the American CIA is in possession of similar videos showing their agents similarly sexually and physically mutilating prisoners of war, including American citizens, and that these videos, while not on YouTube, are being used today to train both CIA agents and American Special Forces.

In one video dating from the 1980s, made under the direction of the Reagan administration, a former American Nay Seal sits naked, tied to a chair. A female CIA agent enters the room, produces a knife, castrates the man and taunts him with his severed testicles. 

This video dates from another era. The man was a traitor who defected to a Filipino Communist group in the 1970s. But it is still being presented today in the U.S. Marines SERS—Search, Evasion, Resistance, Survival—School, where it is used to train CIA interrogators how to deal with both Americans and foreigners engaged in resistance to the One World imperium of Zionist America.

The SERS school was set up to train naval and Marine personnel both how to survive being a prisoner, and how to capture and trade individuals, as well as how to stage rescues from a prison camp. As such, the school is brutal. Participants are tortured for ten days by individuals acting as enemy agents. The trainees are beaten, water-boarded, starved, frozen, and sexually humiliated. But what is not often recognized is that the school serves a third purpose—it used to train CIA assets to beat, torture, and sexually humiliate prisoners of war.

The tactics used at the school resemble the worst excesses pf America’s Middle Eastern enemies, many of whom learned them from the CIA. In Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, videos of political dissidents and Shi’ites being mutilated, homosexually raped, and murdered were shown to captured prisoners to break them. Similarly, the tactics being used today by ISIS were learned by the Caliphate’s leaders when they were detained and held in U.S. custody in 2007, during the Zionist-American occupation of Iraq. The only difference between ISIS and the CIA is that the CIA has the sense to keep their crimes covert, whereas ISIS broadcasts them on YouTube.

Ultimately, the practice of torturing and mutilating prisoners before murdering them is an occult one, whose origins date back to ancient pagan religions which survived today within the Judæo-occult power structure which dominates the United States and is the driving force behind One World. Participation in such acts degrades both the torturer and the victim, driving them toward the “oneness” of oblivion which the internationalist power structure plans for the entire human race.

Within the U.S. military, such tactics are used to traumatize both victim and victimizer, making them psychologically susceptible to mental programming, while destroying their ability to function as human beings. When such monsters later age or break down, they are then discarded by the government to live lives of nihilistic oblivion as a prelude to the obliteration of death. Such tactics are then also applied to civilian populations to program serial and spree killers to commit acts designed to shock the general population into submission.

Supporters of such brutality agree that such tactics are necessary, but the castration, mutilation, and dismemberment of a human being can only be a prelude to murder and serve no purpose except to frighten others who might be inclined to resist American tyranny and provide sadistic pleasure to the bestial beings in human shape who control the U.S. government.  Most American advocates of the torture, rape, and murder of prisoners are Jews, and the U.S. military officially adopted such tactics during the period of Jewish ascendancy in American politics.

In contrast, many believe that a society which can only be maintained through such crimes is not worth maintaining and that all those who allow such crimes to be committed in their names share such guilt.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those "beheading" videos are not necessarily real. Consider their source; one Rita Katz.

3:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't doubt for a second what Bill White states here, but it would help his credibility tremendously if he were to provide some kind of source of proof for further research into the torture mentioned during the Reagan administration. Inquiring minds want to know more, and it helps to have references available for the purpose of making this aware to the public.

6:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the CIA torture video of the former Navy Seal: I can confirm it's real, Anonymous #2. Every bit of it. If you want proof, I have it. Just leave your email here and I'll send you a covert URL to it. I cannot publish it here, since it's "for your eyes only" sensitive. But I need your email, in order to know if you're serious about wanting to know if what White said is true.

It is.

Signed, Former Navy Seal

9:49 AM  

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