Monday, December 22, 2014

Bill White Update

Bill White is still in Florida, more than a month after sentencing. I am told that he has been moved out of the torture cell during which he was confined during most of his pre-trial period in an attempt on the part of the United States Attorney to coerce him into pleading guilty to a crime they were entirely aware he did not commit. He thinks he might be moved back to Chicago on the excuse of dealing with some of the legal ramifications of the kangaroo court which convicted him there some years ago, but he is not sure. 

At some point, probably after the holidays, they will give him another dose of "diesel therapy," taking three weeks to move him 1500 miles through various way stations. He will disappear off the radar and may or may not be allowed to re-surface. 

He may be "extraordinarily rendered" to a secret facility in Bumfuckistan someplace where he can be tortured some more. He may be "shot while trying to escape." They may indict him for electronically terrorizing Snookie from Jersey Shore from yet a third simultaneous location, possibly in Tony Soprano's basement (the U.S. Attorneys in his case seem to love basing their cases against Bill on TV shows), or else they may simply decide to call it a day and send him back to the BOP so he can get on with the business of rotting. 

If they send Bill to Victorville in California, we will know that he has been unofficially sentenced to death in what the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 refers to as "extrajudicial execution." 

I will let you know when I hear anything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to the BOP Bill has been moved and is in Oklahoma City FTC.
Release date 2037.


1:08 PM  

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