Saturday, November 15, 2014

HAC Banned From Writing To Bill White

Hello, Harold:

I received a notice today from this institution prohibiting all incoming correspondence from you as a threat to the institution. This is almost certainly illegal, and I will address it when I leave here in two or three weeks.


[For obvious reasons, I have only ever written Bill very short, innocuous personal notes. My "incoming correspondence" consists almost entirely of typed copies of articles which he himself has written for American Free Press and other publications. They have never allowed Bill to receive any screen shots of this blog in the entire time he has been in the Seminole County Jail, and I no longer bother to even try to send any. In essence, the "threat to the institution" consists of copies of the prisoner's own written work.  Oh, and copies of Northwest Observer containing his work among others.

This seems to be nothing but petty spite. We'll see how he is treated once he gets back into BOP. If they send him to Victorville we will know they're planning on murdering him.  - HAC]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a scary guy HAC! That "institution" has how many armed guards? How many heavy weapons, rifles, automatic pistols? That "institution" has how thick of reinforced walls, checked entryways and bulletproof glass?

I guess they imagine you descending upon them ala Rambo with a machine gun in one hand and a sword in the other, taking out the place like a scene from a Chuck Norris movie or Kill Bill. I'd take that as an extreme compliment!

6:22 PM  

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