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Bill White's Statement On Sentencing - November 21st 2014

Bill White’s Statement On Sentencing

November 21, 2014

I did not send the e-mails I was charged with sending in this case. I did not make the Facebook posts, either. The United States Attorney’s office knows this, and prosecuted me anyway, with the deliberate and malicious intention of imprisoning me permanently for political motivations, as Judge Turk said at my last sentencing in Roanoke.

The identification in this case relied on [identity of federally protected witness redacted, based on the legal precedents established earlier by this very case] statement that she met me on this Facebook account in 2009. In 2009 I was in prison, and the Facebook account did not exist. It was not created until December 2011. The fact that events did not occur as the government’s primary witness maintains, and could not have occurred as she testified they did, has been simply ignored by the jury and by the court. From day one of this investigation [name redacted] has lied to investigators, perjured herself, and destroyed evidence, and she has done so with the full knowledge, encouragement and collusion of prosecuting attorneys and federal law enforcement.

The government’s case against me rests on several absurdities and impossibilities, and their own sentencing memorandum reveals another. They have repeatedly claimed that these alleged crimes involved a group of people in Florida with a connection to the American Front. I am not a group of people. I was not in Florida at the time. Another federal court than this one has legally established that I was in Mexico, yet another fact which seems to have been simply tossed aside as irrelevant because it is inconvenient. I have no connection to the American Front.

These entire proceedings have been Kafka-esque. I was last in Florida in 2006. I was asked to come here by the National Socialist Movement to help a new unit leader who wanted to lead a rally. That unit leader’s name was David Gletty. He was a federal informant. All of his unit members were federal informants, presumably informing on one another. His march was planned and conducted by the U.S. Attorney’s office. The only so-called “White supremacist” group with which I had contact in Florida were just as much federal employees as the FBI agents who testified against me and the United States Attorney who prosecuted me.

That rally, like this case and this trial, was a form of psychodrama, an act, a playing out of a Hollywood script, a bizarre narrative in which I am some kind of cult guru with a secret army of unknown and unnamed “followers”, a narrative apparently based on a popular television drama series. It is certainly not based in fact. The alleged crime was also a stage-managed fiction, and I am a patsy who has been set up to take the fall. I am only thankful that by leaving the United States I prevented the FBI and the Justice Department from committing the more serious crime they had planned.

The odd fact is that I don’t feel safe today any time that I am not in prison, which says much about life in Obama’s America in the year 2014. I’m not always safe in prison either, but I know that while I am here I cannot be used as a tool to feed this mass delusion. In the two and a half years since my re-arrest I have learned to use my time in prison well, by investigating and analyzing why all this madness and persecution has happened to me. The real reasons, not the drivel that falls from the lips of the dictator’s servants.

Knowing that someone within the power structure has developed an obsession with me which passes all rational bounds and borders on insanity, knowing that the persecution was not over and this day was inevitable, I spent the entire year when I was out of prison preparing for it. I settled my debts. I closed my business. I released my obligations and tried to dissolve my marriage. Before I left the country, I gave away everything I owned. I made sure that when the United States of America came for me, I would have nothing left for them to steal. This fact, indeed, may partially explain the vindictive hatred and malice with which the dictatorship has pursued me.

I am now before this court in the wonderful position of having no money and no assets. When released, I will never earn another dollar in my own name. I will continue to give everything I come by away. You may take my freedom and torture my body, but you will never succeed in making me pay for it.

I have nine more years to serve in prison, plus whatever this court decides to paste on me as well, all for non-violent crimes which I did not commit, and which everyone involved in these prosecutions knows full well I did not commit. Being in prison leaves me in a position to write and publish in a way that I cannot when I am released. I have published two books, four journal articles, and dozens of newspapers and magazine articles. I am 180,000 words into a study of the first millennium, and when I leave here next week for a habeas corpus hearing in Chicago I plan to translate a ninth-century chronicle by a fellow named Ecgbert. Nothing the court does today can or will interfere with these plans or any of the productive things I am doing with my life.

Should these convictions not be overturned on appeal,. I plan to file a §2255 motion to which I hope to attach the affidavits of witnesses whom my attorney, mistakenly believing that the complete lack of any evidence of my guilt whatsoever would acquit me, failed to call. These alleged offenses, insofar as they were in fact committed by anyone at all and are not fabrications, were committed by a group of federal informants acting at the direction of the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office who persuaded [name redacted] to download the virus identified by Mr. Connor, and who used it to access various internet accounts which I had entrusted to her care.

This kind of identity theft is not a new tactic on the part of the FBI,. Their informants have been caught on their own surveillance tapes attempting such identity theft against me in the past. This is just another act of deception by criminals in expensive suits who maintain a Third World dictator in power in this country for money, and who no longer make any real effort to disguise the fact, since they have discovered that they can do whatever they want, to whomever they way, and nothing will be done. Lack of accountability, thy name is America.

I am, as I have always been, completely powerless to stop whatever in justice this court may decide to inflict upon me. In that, mine is the quintessential American experience.

* * *

The court then proceeded to sentence Bill White to an inexplicable and horrific 17 years in prison for the "crimes" of making Facebook posts the government didn't like, and for frightening an FBI agent. 

According to the prosecution he did these things while existing in two places at once, both Florida and Mexico. I mean, since one federal court has ruled that Bill was in Mexico on such and such dates, and another has ruled that he was in Florida on the same dates, and since the federal judicial system is divinely inspired and utterly incapable of error, never mind blithering   stumblebum incompetence of the kind it would take to make such a mistake--well then, clearly Bill White has discovered the secret of bilocation. 

Amazing what this evil White Supreemists git up to, ain't it, Merle?


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He's still at John Polk this morning and he only has less than two dollars in his account.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Supreme Court going to rule on whether online threats made in anger are true threats. Bill White sent his Chicago case to them years ago, but they refused to rule.

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