Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wicked, Evil Racism

They are getting more aggressive across the country. Open your eyes. Maintain constant situational awareness. Be armed everywhere possible. And remember Derbyshire's rule; when you encounter a numerically superior group of Basketball Americans, E & E the area immediately.

At the same time, when the opportunity presents itself, stand up to them. Let them know, even one or two at a time, or a carload at a time, that there are more and more Whites who are through putting up with their antics.

The negro intelligensia (stop laughing) has a blanket term for anything whites do that they don't like but can't easily quantify as racist: microaggressions. Now I agree with you that that term is complete and utter bullcrap. A local racist black columnist once related a microaggression story. She was in a narrow grocery store aisle and a white woman said excuse me as she maneuvered past with her cart. That was racist.

So let's own the term "microaggression" and show them just how unwelcome in our lives they are. Don't let them cut you off in traffic. Don't let them cut ahead of you in line. When you get bad service from a black employee, either talk to the manager right then and there or call the corporate office and yes do tell whoever you talk to that the black employee is racist.

Buy an anonymous prepaid "burner" cell phone.

Call the cops on suspicious blacks walking down your street. Watch blacks in traffic and you will find a reason to call the cops and report them and their tag number for reckless driving or drinking and driving or even smoking crack. Black panhandler at the gas station? Call the cops. Group of young Trayvons? Hey that sure smelled like pot! I better call the cops!

Any way you can, make their lives miserable. Inconvenience them. Call the cops on them. Is there an Autozone in your city's coontown that has blacks working on their hoopties in the parking lot? That's a huge violation of zoning laws, EPA rules, and AZ's corporate policy. Call code enforcement every day until they have no choice but to do something.

Add your own ideas. Find at least one like-minded person in your family or coworkers or circle of friends and get him or her to do the same. Be a part of the new resistance instead of just bitching about negroes online.

Let's call it 14Ω

Not sure if the omega symbol will show up, but it's the symbol for resistance. 14 ohms. 14 resistance. 14 for the 14 words, and the ohm symbol for resistance.

No leadership. No website. No "cells". No uniform except white skin. Just a viral resistance to the black undertow. If you're reading this, you're already part of the resistance. So be an active part of it instead of just an observer.


Blogger Luek said...

One of the great things about the coming Northwest Homeland or maybe it is its greatest identity trait is it will be racist free! Since only white people will be allowed to live and proper there then there can't possibly be racisim. No blacks, browns, yellows or other non-whites allowed ergo no racism. And the world thinks racism can't be solved only coped with.

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post Harold,perhaps all pro-Whites can work together on this, legal and effective.

2:24 PM  

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