Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ubuntu (No, Not Uhuru)

Anti-Usury Ubuntu Party Contests South African Elections
by Bill White (May, 2014)

[The following article is of interest, albeit dated, in that it was written while the author was being subjected to torture and coercion to accept a guilty plea on fabricated charges by the dictator's servants in the Seminole County Jail in Orlando, Florida.]

South Africa is a basket case. Murder is rampant, the economy is bad and getting worse, anhd the major black political parties are locked in a debate: steal the White man’s property or murder him, too? But there is one hope in South Africa’s May 7th parliamentary elections: the Ubuntu Party, and anti-usury party which is demanding the closure of the South African Reserve Bank and its replacement with a state-owned People’s Bank.

Both the ruling party [the African National Congress] and then Democratic Alliance are completely under the control of the South African Reserve Bank. Ubuntu party founder Michael Tellinger recently told Impact, a South African news ‘zine, “The country belongs to its people, not to the government or any other corporation.”

Former South African Reserve Bank director Stephen Goodson also founded the party, and has proposed state-backed home loans for South Africans at zero interest. Goodson is a long-time anti-usury activist.

Many White South Africans, and particularly Boers, believe that British-Jewish banking interests are responsible for South Africa’s current crisis. The British conquered the Boers in 1902, creating the Union of South Africa. After World War Two, Boer Nationalists gained control of the government and created the Republic of South Africa in 1961, expelling major British-Jewish banking families. These wealthy financiers then used South Africa’s Jewish community to organize the African National Congress, putting forth frontmen like the recently deceased Nelson Mandela.

Since the ANC took power, Jews have taken control of most of the economic positions in South African government, and the government has been fully integrated into the internationalists’ banking system.

With this perspective, the Ubuntu Party has adopted the slogan “Dealing With The Root Of All Our Misery.”

“Every South African feels the fire economic hardship at every level, but most do not know the true cause of our deepening misery,” Tellinger said in a press release. “Unless we address the source of the economic war against the people, we will never solve the economic problems.”

The Ubuntu Party press release then held up Abraham Lincoln’s Greenback, John F. Kennedy’s United States Note, and the recently formed state-central-bank of North Dakota as examples.


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