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Letter From David Tate - October 7th, 2014

Dear Harold:

Grüss Gott!

This is a big thank-you for returning the rejected Observer (#146, Sept) which I received on the re-mail, and also for the latest (#147, Oct) which I also received without difficulty. They said nothing about the letter we sent to the requisite bureaucrat, but it still shook the tree, hopefully to positive effect. We’ve had a number of mail problems since the entire mailroom staff quit on them a few months ago (no doubt because of being required to jump through too many hoops on an already thankless job.) so now we are dealing with staff in training along with the usual hang-ups.

I heard of Ed Steele’s passing through outside Kinsmen back when it happened. My heart goes out to his dear family. The latest Observer served his memory well. We both called murder on this one, both “murder by prison” and actual conspired and intended murder.

Bill White’s eternal positive attitude comes as no surprise to me. It is sometimes the case with those of us who were in the right upon our arrest to experience a spiritual metamorphosis of sorts that translates out determination into positive energy that displays itself in an outward glow. It all depends on whether being locked in a cell terrifies you or not. I’ve known men who cold face guns and knives or threats or arrest who withstood, until actually locked in a cell where they cried like little babies--by way of example, some of the traitors to the Order. Then there are those who fear combat and violence, and yet who will never crack when placed in a cell, even under the threat of a life indoors. Such is the nature of mankind. We each have our personal gifts and weaknesses.

After my arrest in ’85 I was locked in isolation awaiting my trial in Missouri. I was tried separately from my Bruders for my encounter with a Missouri cop. While in the other side of the country my Bruders, the Tacoma Ten, were being tried on RICO charges as part of the Order trial.

 I withstood my isolation well enough, but an inspirational part of my life at the time was to receive missives passed through others from my Bruders, or to hear how they fared. The days leading up to and throughout their trials were filled with an infectious positivity that cannot be understood except by those who expedience it. Even in my isolation, facing the death penalty, I shared their joy of being right and standing for something.

Later, after various leaders were arrested for the Sedition Trial, OI was allowed to experience it first hand. Richard Snell, who like myself had his own shootout with the Arkansas police (who later shot him after his arrest) was one of those charged with sedition, and he called me as a witness so we could meet. (Snell and I also both wrote Identity newsletters at the time, his The Seeker and I edited The Way, the Aryan Nations prison outreach newsletter.)

I was able to see my Bruders again in holding cells on my arrival. It was like a slumber party for grown racists.  Our joy was like a halo of glory surrounding us. Being reunited, sharing our experiences, meeting Richard Snell, seeing my Bruders and even Louis Beam again (although all too briefly), is one of the best memories of my life. Here we were in chains, surrounded and escorted by gun-toting cops and feds, and all of us happy, joking, laughing. Even the feds were the happiest I’ve ever seen cops before. I'm sure we left one hell of an impression on them.

I was able to spend time in a cell net to my Bruder Gary Yarborough throughout the trial, my closets friend and Bruder, and although we missed the trial itself, we had a great time catching up. I have to liken such a thing to bloody times in history when various figures went before inquisitions and persecutions sharing a similar glow of light and life while they faced flamed and death.

Today the bastards have become times thieves, and murder the just with lifetimes of imprisonment. I have been tortured with Ground Hog Day for year upon years, a seemingly endless time loop where I am living the same miserable day over and over again. Yet our initial joy from self0sacrifice remains with me, and even when things are at their darkest I find purpose in our struggle and in our Cause.

Take care and keep up the fight. May the Father and God of our Great Race watch over you and ours always.

For Folk, Faith, & Family,

David W. Tate W/155209
300 Pedro Simmons Drive
Charleston, MO 63834


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