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Letter From Bill White - October 21st 2014

Hello, Harold:

I wasn't able to fully expand yesterday [refers to a letter which has not yet arrived and was probably confiscated by the FBI] on the latest bit of legal surrealism here in Orlando. In a way I was shocked, but in another way I'm not. The entire case against me has been a fantasy from the beginning, so why should the probation report not reflect that?

Basically, I am facing an arguable 5-10 years in prison by the guidelines, although the judge has broad discretion. I have 9 years left to serve.

These facts make the dictatorship quite unhappy. They have convicted me, at great effort, of crimes they are perfectly well aware I did not commit. Thanks to people like you, I have been able to make public the fact that the dictatorship agrees that my accounts contained a virus that would have allowed a third party to control them, as my computer expert Richard Conner testified. This embarrasses the dictator's servants.  Twenty years ago, the refusal of the local news to report honestly on the facts would have been enough; who would take the time to seek the truth? Today, anyone with a PACER account can have a transcript of the entire proceedings almost instantly. So the Zionists can lie to many, many people--but not the people who care enough to investigate the ones who matter.

So yesterday I received a probation report that is full of errors and fantasy. It is very clear that the officer who prepared it conducted absolutely no investigation of the facts. His report is filled from cover to cover with a fantastic view of events that bear no resemblance whatsoever to what the regime accused me of, never mind what actually happened. And what is abundantly clear is that this probation agent knew he was lying as he wrote this, and just didn't care.

Of course, this is the routine mentality in the U.S. justice system. I am in prison with seriously dysfunctional people. Many will lie as easily as look at you, never mind kill or steal, and this applies equally to the staff as well as the inmates. Thus there is the constant assumption that because I am accused of a crime, I am poor, ignorant, mentally ill and dishonest, not to mention guilty. So some pathological case in the U.S. probation office or U.S. Attorney's office asserts something that is blatantly untrue--and not only does it not matter, that it is untrue and I deny it, but no one will even take the time to investigate whether I'm telling the truth, because the assumption is that it's not worth it. That means that I have to rely on a handful of people, usually untrained in legal matters, to help me, and even then, the assumption is that anyone helping me is doing something wrong.

Thus, for instance, my probation report says that I perjured myself here in Orlando by testifying falsely at trial. Now, in the real world, I didn't testify at trial, falsely or otherwise. Presumably someone will point this out to the cretin who wrote the report and this bizarre allegation will be withdrawn before sentencing--but what if it's not? Who will contradict it? The Orlando Sentinel? No. No media will attend. 

What keeps the judge from just editing the past the way that the dictatorship has edited the past by convicting me of a crime which everyone involved knows I did not commit? Who will stop them? Who ever does stop them? No one. Who wants to look closely enough to stop them? Because if you look closely enough, you will discover that all of modern society is based upon a false, edited narrative of what has happened in the past, is happening now, and will happen in the future. Who wants to see that when you're living off the fat of the land? Who wants to fear opening your eyes and being next?

The simple fact that a probation officer made about half a dozen meaningfully false statements like that in an official investigation report is important. It is part of the editing process. Had my lawyer not objected in time, these lies would have become the "truth." I am essentially helpless to change this.

In the Mahabharata the demon Maya creates a maze in which she traps the heroes. This Maya appears in Greek mythology as the mother of Hermes, the god who takes souls to Hades. The maze is hell, and this is why every site of the ancient world from Akargos to Knossos to Baalbek was built on top of a labyrinth. As demonic beings gain control of this world, we are increasingly separated from the divine order and trapped in the world of illusion.

Magic is the manipulation of Maya. When will we become magicians?


P. S. This jail, for whatever reason, has the inadvisable practice of walking tour groups [!!!! My emphasis - HAC] through our supposed maximum security section to gawk at us, rather like the keepers of Bedlam in the 18th century used to bring paying sight-seers into the asylum to gawk at the lunatics and poke them with sticks. Seeing them, I realize that long-term confinement like this causes one to forget how to be a human being. Delenda est America.

William A. White #201400005514
John Polk Correctional Facility
211 Bush Boulevard
Sanford, FL 32773


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although the officer who wrote the report is paid to get it right, in all fairness, it is rather difficult to keep up with Bill's cases. The last two are easy to confuse. It was at the 2013 Roanoke trial that Bill testified and anyone with a PACER account can see that the judge rated Bill's testimony as obstruction of justice. Just thinking - the reason Bill didn't testify at the 2014 Florida trial could be because of that extra time he got for obstruction in Roanoke.

By the way - the BOP usually doesn't transport prisoners from Thanksgiving to New Year's. With Bill's sentencing set for Nov 21, it is a good guess that will stay in Orlando until January.

1:49 PM  

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