Friday, October 03, 2014

HAC On Fox Carolina, October 2nd

Hi, guys:

As I mentioned on this week’s RFN, in case you ever wonder what you pay me the big bucks for, it’s to do things like this from a position of invulnerability to what the left-libs call “economic discipline”:

As I figured, only about two sentences of a 10-12 minute interview got onto the air, and I shared my ugly mug with Mark Potok’s equally unprepossessing and neck-bearded phiz. Pretty much the standard “littering” coverage. A minor crack in the blackout wall, but a crack nonetheless, and all done by one unknown individual who distributed one single piece of literature in the right place.



Anonymous Lt. Greyman, NVA said...


Wanted you to be aware of a new technique that the Gov-Censors (i.e. Cass Sunstein Types) use to stifle comments on blogs (as useless as you might consider such commenting).

The new technique is to "like" or "follow" a target commenter and whenever a target commenter makes a comment (whatever it might be) to flag that comment as Spam. After a while the social media software, triggered by repeated flagging, takes over, scanning your pseudonym and automatically deleting your comment as "Spam". If find that using the NAR flag as a Gravatar is a magnet for these termites. The only way to avoid them is when you get a "follower" is to delete the account, wait 24 hours and reup under a new name with Discus, Blogger (or whatever social media you are using). However it does not prevent them from flagging your comments as Spam under the new name. They also seem to target any White Nationalist with a shred of eloquence, but leave up the vicious comments made by unstable commenters as a smear.

Ex Gladio Libertas!

11:39 AM  

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