Friday, October 24, 2014

Democrats Try To Shut Down Drudge Report

The Democrats have been gunning for Matt Drudge ever since he blew the whistle on Billyboy and Monica Lewinsky. They don't like how he busts the media monopoly by bringing together all those little stories from around the world that otherwise only a tiny local audience would see and know about. 

That's always been the main power of the liberal media: not so much outright lying, as refusing to report certain stories or allow their true significance to be mentioned. The Drudge Report shatters that monopoly by allowing readers access to hundreds of media outlets at once, and giving certain stories the lefty-libs want buried "undue" prominence. 

That's why they want to shut Matt Drudge down, along with Rush Limbaugh through the "Fairness Act", otherwise known as the "Hush Rush Act."


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