Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bill White In The Land Of The Bath Salt Zombies

by Grimnir

Bill's adventures in America's capital of drug ridden zombies (aka Florida) are now winding down to a halt. As for myself, I have been somewhat quiet during this time due to pressing work commitments, but should be able to resume making regular posts now.
At Bill's end, not a lot is happening. He's still in the dingey Florida jail awaiting sentencing on some of the most ridiculous charges to ever surface in the legal system - i.e. 120 years for anonymous blog comments and Facebook posts.
Interestingly enough, I've noticed a corresponding decrease in anonymous blog comments to this website.
Bill is set to receive his no doubt horrific imprisonment for anonymous blog comments in November, and is then hoping to deal with the rest of the legal mess in previous cases. Other than that he's filling in time doing research.
The problem is of course, that every other country in the world has hatespeech laws. If Bill were overseas he'd just be prosecuted for hatespeech, which as we all know is the real issue in his cases. 
 But because America pretends to protect freedom of speech in its Constitution, in order to protect the political agenda of liberal democracy, the ruling powers have to invent new and creative ways to prosecute people for hatespeech. This means that disproportionate sentences and trials are created. In another country, Bill would be charged with three years or so for cultivating "hate" over the internet. In America, thanks to having to bypass laws surrounding the Constitution, this becomes 120 years for anonymous blog comments  presented as "extortion."
America needs to update its Constitution if the government no longer wishes to adhere to it - this would be more honest instead of having to stretch the truth  so that America can abide by the hatespeech laws present in other liberal democracies.


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