Friday, October 24, 2014

Another Typical Initial Contact

Hello. I just wanted to send a quick email introduction. I won't take up too much of your time with the details of my situation, as I am sure you are very busy. Mostly I just wanted to say thank you. I'm just an average middle-aged guy living in NYC. Can you imagine a more hellish existence for a recently racially aware individual? That's a bit overly dramatic but some days it can feel a overwhelming dealing with people here. I try to just laugh as much as I can. Humor is always a great tool.
Luckily I won't be for too much longer, thanks to you.
I originally heard abou the Northwest Front after I stumbled across a web site called, which you may have heard of. It was refreshing to discover that web site as well as yours, because I was beginning to feel like I was the only one who felt like there is something very wrong with us as a society. 

All the things that most people find good, true and beautiful, I find ridiculous, disgusting or just plain weird. You can imagine how bad it is in NYC. It was a relief to discover and subsequently your web site, as I no longer feel like I am either crazy or deeply disturbed in some way. The radio broadcasts in particular have been a great help in my keeping my sanity until I can make arrangements to get to the Northwest next year.
I don't know that I will be part of the Northwest Front and for now I am just lurking for the most part, reading the Northwest novels and absorbing the material on the web page. After I have gotten my head around a few ideas, I'll be better able to decide what my next step will be. I don't need a welcome pack just yet, as I have more than enough material as it is, but I will likely be in touch once I get to Idaho next summer.
Until then keep up the good work, and again thank you so much for your tireless efforts.

-James B.


Anonymous 10mm AUTO said...

That is because of the tireless, diligent and unending hard work of "10mm" on the SBPDL blog. All that guy talks about is "Northwest Front". He makes some good arguments.

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10mm auto! This is James B. I can't recall who first got me interested in the NWF but it probably was you. Since I wrote to HAC back in October, I have become even more resolute in my decision to come home. It helps keep me optimistic to listen to RFN, read the NW novels and other books that would make everyone I know hate me if they knew I was reading them, and of course visiting SBPDL. Your posts are always good, and you're doing a tremendous service. Hopefully one day we can meet and you can explain to me the merits of 10mm, the caliber, because a lot of folks say you're giving up capacity for more firepower than you porbably need. ;)
Take care!

1:40 PM  

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