Monday, September 08, 2014

Oddsbodikins! Wicked Racism!

An interesting postscript in one of Bill's recent stack of letters delivered to me all at once, courtesy of the FBI:

Although the nimrods at the Seminole County Jail do not allow in any letters or material of mine which is typed, on the grounds that it is "internet generated" (they apparently don't understand the difference between Microsoft Word and the internet), they have in fact allowed four of my non-racial novels to be given to Bill, including a copy of Rose of Honor, my first novel originally written when I was 16 years old. Rose of Honor is set in 15th century England during the Wars of the Roses. 

On September 1st, an overweight black female deputy tossed Bill's cell for some reason and confiscated Rose of Honor. I cannot follow the thread of her--uh, "reasoning", insofar as she is genetically capable of reasoning, nor did Bill give me an exact account of the conversation, other than that the creature's discourse consisted mostly of Ebonic obscenities. But the upshot of it was that she was confiscating Rose of Honor because it was "racist" in that there were no black people in it.

Well, that's true. England in the 1400s didn't score well on the diversity and multi-cultural scale.

I swear to God, you couldn't make this stuff up!

Anyway, in case any of you wish to read this foul racist tome for yourselves, you can order it from Amazon at:


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