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Letter from Bill White, September 21st, 2014

Hello, Harold:

Typewritten letters are reaching me from most people, but all the mail here is erratic and its arrival is arbitrary. I am having to re-file my lawsuit on the mail abuses, which also slows down a resolution. Try a typewritten letter again and see if whatever guard is on the mail room that day understands the difference between typed and "internet-generated" and if he does, he is willing to give me my mail in violation of his orders from those men in suits that hide away behind the closed doors where we can only glimpse them occasionally.

The trial here was a travesty of justice, but that very travesty is what gives it value. White people overall are too law-abiding a people, and we easily suffer injustice, particularly when we are financially comfortable, while imagining that peaceful resolutions to our problems can be obtained from the authorities. The idea that our courts and our laws are corrupt is alien to us--even though those courts and laws are in the hands of aliens.

Thus, legal actions like the one that just occurred here in Orlando have to be used to make White people uncomfortable by showing that American courts will rule counter to the evidence when political dissidents are involved. The way to do this is to inform people of all the evidence, place transcripts online to prove what you are saying is true, and show people what the Talmudic legal system is--an injustice machine. 

In my case there was abundant evidence that I am completely innocent, including expert witness testimony that my dhyphen Yahoo e-mail and Facebook were hacked. The key government witness broke out in incoherent babbling and screaming during the trial. The government itself admitted in court that their evidence was bogus and their star witness is clinically insane, and yet still I was convicted.

[Subsequent comments redacted due to the "inherently violent and criminal nature" of this audience, i.e. you. Seriously, folks, because of that federal court ruling that everyone who reads this blog is some kind of mutant ninja turtle assassin awaiting Sublime William's Holy Command to wreak fire, eclipse, and blue ruin on the world, I'd better cut this next paragraph. These slithering rodents from the corridors of the Federal Building might indict him again for being uppity or for merely existing. They would most likely do it for the sheer fun of it, or because the Attorney General has promised a set of steak knives to the AUSA who can indict Bill White the most times. God knows, with these people. - HAC]

Historically, only when White people have been convinced that the legal system isn't working have they taken action. Let my situation spur our people to action.

Meanwhile, I have spent the past two weeks deep in both Old Saxon and Anglo-Saxon history. I have to say, the deeper I look into it, and the more I peel the onion, the more I see that there is something to this Saxon bloodline theory. In fact, I have re-written some chapters of Serpent's Blood so that I shouldn't have to apologize to Christian Identity. LOL. 

A lot of Christian Identity is just bad history and White Judaism, but--Saxons do,m archaeologically speaking, have ties to Scythia (the location the Israelites were expelled to) that go back to the fourth century. Those ties continued with the Khazars (the Ashkenazi Jews) into the 8th century. These ties are unique among the Germanic tribes. 

Also, as I mentioned in a previous letter, the Saxons had a unique bloodline-based racial kingship based on "Aryanness" which was defined as relationship to the Atheling, Arete-ing, or Aryan family of Wessex founder Cerdic. There are also some surface similarities between this ideal and the Merovingian-Frankish ideal of kingship.

So I'm not making bizarre statements about YHWH, sheking (sp?) or the various "ites," yet, but there is something to the idea of a Saxon bloodline. I first took it back to Henry II, then Malcolm III, then St. Edward, then Edgar, then Alfred and Eahlmund (sp?) before him, and now it looks almost as old as the Saxons themselves. I anticipate going back to do some basic work on neo-Platonism, Byzantium and the Khazars before I delve too much deeper into the Saxon bloodline, but I've seen enough to know that something differentiates the Saxons from the other Germanic tribes.

I just wish--and you can tell your CI readers this--that Christian Identity would move past discredited 19th-century pseudo-history and bunk Judeo-Masonic mysticism and develop a serious historical exegesis. Then they wouldn't have skeptics like me doing it for them.

In other news, I received a copy of Manticore Press's Aristokratia 2 on Friday. This journal, put out about yearly and available on, really is the cutting edge of so-called New Right philosophy, bringing in serious Nationalist thinkers from the U.S., Russia, Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand. I'm in it, and they reviewed my book Tradition of the Mother--but so is a very wide cross-section of the brightest nationalist thinkers.

Otherwise, nothing is happening here. Time plods forward. I hope that this letter finds you well.


William A. White #201400005514
John Polk Correctional Facility
211 Bush Boulevard
Sanford, FL 32773


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skeptic or not, I think Bill White could sell a lot more books if he would learn to write his history and mythology for a particular audience. I don't follow what he is getting at here, though. Is he saying the Saxons are related to the Khazar Jews?

9:55 AM  

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