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Bill White Trial Begins Tomorrow, September 8th

Unless Bill White, like Edgar Steele, is found dead in his torture cell tomorrow morning--always a possibility with the evil men and women who rule us in this Third World dictatorship we live in--the Great Facebook trial begins tomorrow.

Once again I have received a stack of letters from Bill all rubber-banded together, courtesy of the FBI censors. I will not type out all those letters here for several reasons. For one thing, most of them consist of obscure medieval genealogy which no one is interested in. Bill is clearly surviving his years of false imprisonment and torture at the hands of the regime through "checking out" into another world of the mind, a not uncommon way of dealing with the horror of life in Obama's Amurrica. Not just in prison, either. 

Secondly, this blog is monitored by Bill's captors, and they have on several occasions threatened various kinds of retaliation against both Bill and myself if I do not maintain an obsequious and respectful silence while they rend his flesh with their teeth and claws. I don't give a damn about the threats to myself, but I don't want either the dictatorship or their Goat Dancing allies to claim that I jammed Bill up by printing something indiscreet he wrote. So I'll just sum up for those who came in late.

This latest in the Many Trials Of Bill White can be called the Facebook Trial. Basically, Bill is charged with making politically incorrect posts on a Facebook page which may or may not have actually been his page. (I am not clear on that part. My understanding is that Facebook has admitted that the page itself was a hoax site set up by persons unknown.)

These politically incorrect comments consist mostly of song lyrics from a rock group called Cannibal Corpse and a couple of other Goth and Grunge bands by someone signing themselves "Charlie Fucking Manson." The United States Attorney claims that this constituted an "electronic reign of terror." 

Since in order for there to be a reign of terror, electronic or otherwise, someone has to be terrorized, a woman from the Southern Poverty Law Center is now apparently involved as the Official Victim who was "caused to feel apprehension and/or in fear of her life." 

That is the main legal crux of the entire Bill White persecution: the removal of any exterior "reasonable person" or "credible threat" standard for threatening someone on the internet or presumably anywhere else. The legal definition of a credible threat is now entirely subjective with the alleged victim, who can claim that virtually any speech or writing or internet posting at all "causes them to feel apprehension and in fear of their life." 

For example, faggots or illegal immigrants can now claim in theory that Republican campaign ads or literature cause them to feel apprehension and in fear of their lives. It's basically another liberal Democrat method of doing an end run around the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. This is how Bill White has ended up facing 100 years in prison for allegedly posting rock song lyrics on a Facebook page. (Which he denies doing, incidentally.)

By the by, the second and equally grotesque precedent set by the Bill White case is that of creating the concept of the "inherently criminal and violent audience." That's you guys. Hence my lack of names here; when it comes to the First Amendment I am a second class citizen who is not allowed to name people or state facts from the public record. (Bill's first conviction was for publishing a name and address which could have been found by anyone who knows how to Google within three minutes.) When Jews like Morris Dees or Mark Potok name a name, it's constitutionally protected speech. When Bill White or I do it, it's a federal felony. 

Put more simply, Morris Dees or Mark Potok are Jews with money. They have more and better rights than Bill and I do, and if we complain about that fact we will be destroyed by the law. Clear now?

The dictatorship's star witness is the same mentally ill woman who was also the primary prosecution witness in the Roanoke trial, and who is apparently quite literally making a career out of following Bill White around the country and framing him on fabricated charges of sending naughty e-mails. 

Her exact status is not clear, but she is apparently either in the Witness Protection Program or otherwise being financially and materially supported by the regime as a professional witness against this one man, Bill White, and she has been for several years. She is believed to be the person who did in fact send the e-mails that Bill White was convicted of sending in Roanoke, while she was sitting in the back of a government SUV with U.S. Marshals in the front. Her testimony was one of the reasons that federal judge James C. Turk stated at the conclusion of the Roanoke trial that Bill White was innocent and was being persecuted for his political and racial beliefs. (And then proceeded to sentence him anyway.)

In the Great Facebook Case, the dictatorship's pre-trial brief, according to those who have read it, was filed very late and appears to be almost incoherent, legally speaking. There is no evidence of any kind presented that Bill White himself did anything at all. ("The FBI has determined" is not evidence.) More so than even in certain other cases, it is entirely obvious that the United States Attorney is knowingly prosecuting an innocent man because someone higher up on the food chain ordered him to do so. 

In case we didn't get the message before--and we did--guilt or innocence no longer has anything to do with criminal judicial proceedings in the United States. I am sure the United States Attorney doesn't give a rat's ass about the fact that Bill White is innocent of any criminal wrong-doing whatsoever. Like all federal law enforcement, he or she operates completely without accountability and under full immunization for whatever vile behavior he or she may choose to engage in. To him or her, the malicious and politically-motivated prosecution of Bill White is just another day, another dollar.

The United States Attorney will not in fact be trying Bill White in the sense that evidence that a crime has been committed will be presented to a jury, who will then be invited to determine beyond a reasonable doubt whether Bill committed that crime. All that legal and forensic crap went out the window a long time ago in this country. 

The U.S. Attorney's office has instead constructed a narrative, based on the Fox News television series The Following, and the alleged trial will in fact consist of the prosecution selling that narrative to the jury. That is what criminal trials comprise these days; actual evidence now consists almost entirely of forensics gobbledegook which the jury is incapable of understanding and which is designed to bolster the dictatorship's narrative by making it sound all legal-ish and science-y. 

In Bill's case they will have several emotional witnesses to get up on the stand, as in all his previous trials, and tell the jury how terrified they are ob dat wicked man Bill White, he be a racis'! In this trial it seems there will be a few "Oy, gevalts!" thrown in as well.

Bill White is going to be convicted, of course. That's already decided. If these people had any intention of ever letting him go, he wouldn't be there to begin with. With this third conviction they are going to paste "career criminal" on his jacket and make sure that this gentle and scholarly man dies in prison for the crime of upsetting the ruling party with a magazine cover six years ago. It took the dictatorship four years to get sufficiently tired of paying for Ed Steele's upkeep and have him poisoned by his guards. Wonder how long it will be before Bill is found mysteriously hanging in his cell or some such tale?

Bill White is going to be convicted because he will be tried by a jury full of niggers and Amurrican fools who have been anonymized and frightened to death by grim prosecution stories about how Bill's wicked and evil "followers" (Gabe d'Annunzio and myself) are going to crawl out from under the jury's beds at night and nibble their toes if they don't convict. The unseen spectators at Bill White's trial will be his secret legions of "followers" all over the world who are moving in the shadows, just waiting to do his terrible bidding on receipt of their orders which come to them in dream from where Bill sits in his cell thinking Bad Thoughts. To bolster their case, the United States will call JarJar Binks to the stand to sing Broadway show tunes.

No, really. It will be just about that goddamned ridiculous.

Bill will presumably be convicted and shipped back to some federal prison within about ten days to two weeks, maybe longer if they decided they want to keep him in Florida for some more torture and sleep deprivation. Drop him a line, although it may not get through.

William A. White #201400005514
John Polk Correctional Center
211 Bush Boulevard
Sanford, FL 32773


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This makes me think of those TV shows where some people cross over to another "what if" dimension and see how horrible it would be if...

Only this world we are living in is the horrible one. I expect some sliders to walk along going "see, this is the world that would happen if the joos and international banking had taken over!" to the shudders of all their party. Then they zap back off to their happier world, leaving us here.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work
Bill White is a real Politcal

3:35 PM  

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