Monday, September 01, 2014

Bill White Has Been Allowed To Shave

I got another letter from Bill Saturday, and as of August 24th or thereabouts, he was allowed to shave. His letter is unclear on details; Bill is clearly so overjoyed that he just added it as a quick p.s. and didn't give me a full replay. So there's no word on whether he was allowed an actual plastic safety razor and real shaving cream, or whether he was required to use gritty jailhouse-issued hand soap from the prison commissary, or on whether some kind of prison barber shaved him.

As ridiculous as it sounds, this is a major minor victory, pardon the expression. This is the first time since Bill arrived in the John Polk Correctional Center in Sanford, Florida in May that he has been allowed to even see a razor, no matter who was holding it. 

For the first few weeks, Bill was ordered by the jail staff to shave with something called Magic Shave Powder, which is designed only for negroes and their common facial skin condition, pseudofollicultis barbae, which I suppose might be called Nappy Beard. Magic Shave Powder burns and scars the face of White men who attempt to use it, and Bill's face quickly became so badly mutilated that he refused to use it any more (one more reason he was officially listed as on "disciplinary" status which gave the jail staff the excuse to abuse and torture him.)

Still no word on whether or not Bill has been allowed to shower since that one time they allowed it after his hunger strike of June.

This decision would seem to imply that the United States Attorney has thought better of what was apparently a tactical decision to compel Bill White to appear in court for his trial wearing a filthy orange jump suit, chained in shackles like a beast and smelling like one, reeking of weeks of body odor, and maniacally bearded like the Wolfman or Rasputin the Mad Monk.

I know that for his trial Bill hopes for regular shaving, so he avoids the Yasser Arafat look. He also hopes to be allowed access to a daily shower so his odor does not offend the jury (it's not good when a jury can actually smell the defendant) and perhaps even--just maybe--an actual suit? Although that's probably too much to ask. If he's lucky he will be allowed a shower every other day and a fresh orange jumpsuit every few days for court.

Trial starts a week from tomorrow, if the U. S. Attorney's whim is to keep to his own self-appointed schedule. If not, then who knows?



Blogger Luek said...

Hello Harold,

You wrote: "it's not good when a jury can actually smell the defendant" So, true but if the defendant is white and accused of even the slightest bit of racism and the jury is niggerfied to the brim it is not much of a trial anyway now is it? Hope I am wrong about this. Good luck to Bill he will need it.

10:33 PM  

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