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"The World Only Makes Sense When You Force It To."

[A comrade of ours found this on the internet and passed it on to me. I don't know who the author is. - HAC]

The Murder of Margaret Daniels

"You gave them the power that should have been ours. Just like your parents taught you. My parents taught me a different lesson... lying on this street... shaking in deep shock... dying for no reason at all. They showed me that the world only makes sense when you force it to."

This quote comes from the end of one of the seminal works of American fiction (over the past 30 years), The Dark Knight Returns.

Bruce Wayne is fighting Clark Kent. Batman, a mere human, is locked in combat with the alien, Superman.

The "you" is Superman, with the speaker being that of Wayne, whose parents were brutally murdered in front of him years prior; ultimately, this act set him on the course to fighting criminals and challenging the states monopoly on violence.

Sure, there both fictional characters, but the lessons/philosophy found in Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns are profound; the morality exercised by the Batman - and powerfully communicated in the italicized quote - are even more profound.

There's a plethora of web sites that are part of the Racial Crime Porn (RCP) syndicate, peddling the latest black on white murder/rape/crime/home invasion/statistic as potentially the turning point in the battle to save western civilization.

In her final moments on earth, Margaret Daniels finally learned what life is ultimately about.

Many "conservative" sites - big sites with scores of employees - rely on hits and traffic garnered from race baiting readers/potential readers with these RCP stories, allowing their readers to "vent" in the comments section and let off steam virtually.

Just as consuming vast amounts of real porn leaves you sexually numb to less provocative imagery, the RCP addict craves more and more violent black on white crime/murder/rape stories to validate their belief that one day a story of boasting such viciousness will be the turning point in awakening the sleeping white masses.

The Re-Birth of a Nation, if you will.

This day, this event, this ultimate act of RCP - representing the zenith of savagery making the Wichita Massacre and Knoxville Horror look relatively in comparison - is not coming.

America has experienced a re-birth, but the butterfly it became is not one you'll ever find beautiful if you are white.

When you understand this, that being addicted to RCP and trying to show these horrific stories to friends and family as a means to their liberation is only a means to isolation and ostracism from circles you once frequented, you'll understand what the "world only makes sense when you force it to" actually means.

Survival will become, like Virgil, your guide through the hellish state of modern America that even Dante himself would find more repulsive than a trip into his inferno.

Thirty-one year old Margaret Daniels is a name, as an RCP addict, you've probably encountered.

She, a beautiful white female, was in her former life a high school guidance counselor, who in her final moments of consciousness fought for her life while a black man strangled her. 

A smiling, smug Sharman Odom, the man who murdered Margaret Daniels

He, a 34-year-old black male named Sharman Odom is charged with the murder of Daniels.

In her final moments on earth, Daniels understood what life is about: survival. Staring death directly in the face, she did what so few people learn is a necessary condition top ultimately perpetuating life. 

"At this time there is nothing to indicate that they had any relationship of any kind," Chief Brown said. 

"Brown would not elaborate on the conditions in Daniels' apartment other than to say there were signs of a struggle.

"Asked for his reaction to the charge, Attorney Victoria Jane from the Office of the Capital Defender, who acted as his lawyer during the brief hearing said, "You know he is certainly fearful and a little confused about some things."

Afterwards, Darlene Odom, who is the mother of the suspect, started swinging and pushing reporters as they tried to question her outside the courthouse about her son; one reporter had a camera shoved into his face, opening a small cut under his right eye. Darlene has turned herself in to face three charges of assault in connection with this incident.
Chief Brown said he believed Maggie Daniels had left her door open and that is how the suspect was able to get in.

He said there was nothing missing from Daniels's apartment, and investigators do not have a motive. 

He added, "We do have several solid theories that I cannot discuss at this time." 

The first search warrant to be made public indicated that when police first questioned Odom, they noticed he was missing a patch of hair near his forehead. 

The warrant indicates that when investigators later searched his apartment they found hair similar to Odom's in a shoe box in his closet. 

The warrant goes on to say when police searched Odom's cell phone they found he had posted pictures of himself with what appeared to be new scratches on his face. 

The date the pictures were taken was June 28, the day Daniels's body was found.

Yes, Odom's mother was arrested after the initial hearing and a "selfie" may have implicated the killer.

An RCP addict can only start down the road to recovery (and sanity) when they understand the reaction they hope arises from white people reading story of Sharman Odom brutally murdering Margaret Daniels will only be greeted with inaction, indifference, and a general malaise.

The narrative is completely dominated by that of Black-Run America (BRA), meaning the power to shape minds and control the past - thus the future - is firmly in the hands of those who would excuse Odom's actions as a rebellion against institutionalized racism, white privilege, and a proud manifestation of a "color proud" mindset.

Thirty-one year old Margaret Daniels, a productive member of a society increasingly apathetic to her people's existence (a people she might never have known existed until those last few minutes she spent on earth), learned a harsh lesson dying in her apartment for no reason: those laws so harshly criticized in text books, pop culture, and politics today - Jim Crow, Restrictive Covenants, etc. - were designed to protect the civilization whites built from an alien, foreign and hostile people.

Now, those alien, foreign and hostile people are in control of the laws, rewriting them to protect individual black people from being judged by the standards of white civilization (hint: attempts to turn school discipline into a racial argument in favor of non-whites by Obama's Department of Justice).

Thirty-one year old Margaret Daniels is just another name.

Just another white person whose life came to a shocking, senseless, and violent end at the hands of a black individual, whose actions are ultimately protected from being too harshly judged because he belongs to a racial group whose collective failures are not to be noticed...

"... the world only makes sense when you force it to."


Blogger Mutant Swarm said...

Once again, this comes from Stuff Black People Don't Like.

High outrage content, medium to low "do something about it" content.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh that poo blak mahn! How he suffered at her hands! Whay, she was white and perty and did she giv hersel' to him like she shoul'? Noh! She act uppity like white folk do and need to be learned a lesson! I think her famlee should pay price for SharMAN gettin his scratched face fixed and new clothes and crib stuff. Amen! Halleluyah!

11:58 AM  
Blogger Luek said...

This animal is obviously guilty but what will be achived when it is convicted? Just another nigger in prison and/or on death row? Big deal. Been there, done that and have the sovernier T-shirt.

3:54 PM  
Anonymous AnalogMan said...

Once again, that's from Stuff Black People Don't Like. Your correspondent is obviously a fan.

So am I. Recommended. Apparently he doesn't reciprocate, though - I once posted a link to this site there, and the moderator didn't let it through.

7:01 PM  
Blogger Mutant Swarm said...

@ AnalogMan:

When you post over there, choose the "Name/URL" option. You know what to put for the URL.

6:38 AM  
Blogger Mutant Swarm said...

Apparently, MZZ Daniels liked a slice off'n the rye loaf, and may have been a switch-hitter to boot. From a comment at the original site:

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add something to the Maggie Daniels story here.

When the news first broke, I was extremely sad and disgusted. This is my reaction to all of the black-on-white crime stories I read, but I just could not let this one go for some reason. I kept thinking about the last few moments of that poor woman's life and the terror she must have gone thru at the hands of this animal. I thought how unfair life is too see a productive member of society
murdered in her own home, another victim of the war on whites who will soon be forgotten.

I read as many stories and articles as I could to find out more, and then came upon her twitter feed. It's still up if you want to check it out yourself. After reading some of her tweets and the picture she posted there, I went from 100% sympathy to 0% in a hurry.

It turns out, Maggie Daniels was a full- blown negro-worshipper. She had basically dedicated her life to them. She loved them. Virtually every picture in her twitter feed is that of her hugging and snuggling with a negro, with captions such as "you're wonderful, you're great, you're cute" and so forth.

The remaining pictures are selfies, her doing things by herself. She didn't have a man in her life by all accounts, any free time she had from counseling and coaching (basketball) her beloved negroes was spent on studying to get her masters degree, so she could continue to teach and advance the BRA agenda which she so unconditionally worshipped. Her priorities in life at the age of 31 were set, at an age when she should've long been married to a white man and raising a family with 3-4 white children. Instead, as a strong, independent, empowered woman, she lived alone, routinely left her door unlocked (???) in case one of her students dropped by, despite at one point expressing concerns for her safety at the apartment complex. Her murder was 100% preventable if she wasn't so thoroughly brain-washed and naive. Watch out for dangerous negroes in the neighborhood, lock your doors, get a gun, get an alarm system, or better yet, move out. Each of the steps would've greatly contributed to her being alive today.

I can guarantee you that she had seen this sub-human Sharman at the complex before, and didn't think twice about it, and who knows maybe even smiled and said hi on multiple occasions. Daniels is the kind of brain-washed liberal who'd rather die than to be called a racist, and what an irony that it was Mr. Diversity who snuffed the life out of her. I can guarantee you another thing, all those wonderful negroes seen with her in these pictures don't give a rat's ass about her by now. I feel a little stupid that I felt sorry for her for over a week before finding out the truth.

Here are just a few of the pictures I was talking about, as I said, you're welcome to check out the twitter feed yourself. Oh, a good chunk of her Facebook friends are negroes, too.

August 10, 2014 at 8:26 PM

10:45 AM  

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