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Summary of Bill White Letters, Late July

As I said a few days ago, I am no longer certain that verbatim publication of some of Bill White's letters is necessarily in his best interests. He is very isolated there, he has nothing to do but run off at the pen, so to speak, and he tends to get a little too chatty about things that would be of interest to his captors. 

Yes, I know, the FBI is photocopying everything he sends out, but I don't know what the Bureau's internal distribution list is like, how long it takes for the photocopies to get to the U.S. Attorney's office so they can go over it to glean confidential lawyer-client info or whatever, or how much of it actually does get to the U.S. Attorney at all. For all I know the local SAIC is spatting with the federal prosecutor and not including him or her on the distribution list for whatever reason.

So what I'm going to do, at the risk of pissing Bill off if he ever is allowed to see this, is to give you guys a precis of several letters I received dated July 17th, 23rd, and 24th.

The good news first: apparently Bill's public defender is getting a bit fed up with being refused admission to the Seminole County jail to see his client, and also with finding his client in a state of collapse and stinking like a goat, and he is actively pursuing the civil rights suit against the jail. This has resulted in a few snarling, grudging concessions from the pinheads in charge there.

*First and most important, a night light is being installed in the isolator cell. and the pinheads have promised to turn off the huge megawatt arc lights at night, and actually let Bill sleep uninterrupted. No word yet on how well or if this promise is being kept.

*Secondly, Bill has received a large stack of mail that has been withheld for almost two months. Most of this isn't mine, since most of mine has simply been sent back, but he did receive an additional two novels of mine that I sent him back in June. He mentioned that he also received a copy of Richard Kelly Hoskins' War Cycles, Peace Cycles, but the guards had torn the front cover off. I wonder if they did that to my books? Bill doesn't say.

(Bill informs me I have my first negro fan. He gave the insane monkoid across the hall from him his copy of my book Vindictus, so said monkoid is now immersing himself in the 17th century. I am thrilled beyond measure.)

*Bill's next goal is to persuade or coerce the John Polk Correctional Center into allowing him to take a shower, and not just one. Apparently the reek of his own body is beginning to make him ill.

*After that, Bill hopes to be allowed a safety razor so he can shave, preferably with some actual shaving cream, although he doesn't expect that. The pinheads may resume trying to force him to use Magic Shave Powder, which is what negroes use, which is not designed for White men, and which appears to have damaged Bill's face and made him ill. His beard is no longer "mangy" but apparently is still coming out in tufts so he will look very odd if he is forced to go to court looking like that, which may be the object of the whole exercise.

On the downside:

*One deputy is still demanding the right to read Bill's out-going legal correspondence on his case "to make sure you ain't tawkin' about no other shit." This is, of course, against the law, but who the hell is going to do anything about it?

*Possibly at the instigation of the aforesaid bird-brain, on the afternoon of July 24th Bill was forbidden to buy pens and paper from the commissary. No word yet on how that has played out.

*The dictatorship has filed some sort of paperwork with the court seeking to delay Bill's trial either for a long time or indefinitely, in the hope of coercing him into pleading guilty.

Bill was allowed to see himself in a mirror when they were installing his night-light and he was standing out on the "pad" (?) in shackles, and he said he literally doesn't recognize himself. Weight loss continues, but apparently there is no chance of forcing the jail to increase his rations above the approximately 700-calorie-per-day limit because that's what all the prisoners get there. Anything more they are expected to buy from the commissary. Unless, like Bill White, you have either no commissary privileges, or privileges once a week, or special permission for a special item, or whatever some deputy decides the rule is today.

Reading between the lines (and I admit there may be some room for creative interpretation here), I think there is more going on, but he doesn't dare tell me because the letter will simply disappear into some plastic bin in a federal storage locker in some sub-basement, and never see the light of day. Apparently at least one of the male guards is a classic sadist of the type who down through history has always gravitated to custodial work, be it for the Inquisition or the King or Comrade Stalin or whoever. Bill has said that all these people seem to enjoy their work immensely. This ain't The Shawshank Redemption; there are no good guards in this place.

Bill is very optimistic about his case. He is convinced that he is going to be acquitted in September, that his Roanoke conviction is going to be thrown out due to new evidence (the woman who actually did it may have confessed), that his Chicago convictions are all going to be thrown out, and that he will be free in a year or two. In a sense that is the hardest thing to bear about his letters, and yet the most inspiring--Bill's absolute, unshakeable refusal to give up.

I don't think he's getting out. I think that these evil men and women will never give up their favorite chew toy, and if some judge does order Bill released they will have some nigger stab him to death with a sharpened toothbrush. 

It has been decided--Bill White is going to die in prison, one way or the other. The regime can't afford the image of a Bill White free and happily scribbling away about his medieval popes and serpent gods; he would be living proof that their worst can be survived with honor and immortal soul intact. That can't be allowed.

I have never in my life hoped and wanted so badly to be proven wrong.

He is allowed at least some mail now, so write to Bill at

William A. White #201400005514
John Polk Correctional Center
211 Bush Boulevard
Sanford, FL 32773


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