Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oregon Relocation Video

This is a yuppie-ish kind of thing, so disregard the “diversity” crap, but it’s got some good shots of this part of the Homeland.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well it was just on Fox News. Obummer is about to amnesty all hispanic illegals. So it begins...

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Erik said...

Mother of God, the PNW sure is beautiful. Long before I knew of the NWF, I has already dreamed of those lush woodlands and seeing Mount Rainier.

I'd promote one of these vids every week. They are very seductive. I've always had the Atlantic in my blood somehow, and love my land here, but the PNW truly is something beautiful, and while the state below makes me nauseous, I would love to see the Pacific from Oregon or Washington. I've thought of doing a scout trip just to come out and make one of these vids myself.


6:51 PM  

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