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Letter From Bill White 8-4-2014

[Somewhat redacted; I am having to pick and choose and restrain Bill's chattiness when he discusses things which might not be in his best interest to have shouted from the rooftops. - HAC]

August 4th, 2014

Hello, Harold:

I saw the sun today for the first time in 40 days.

I have just learned from reading the newspaper this afternoon more about the case pending against me than anyone has seen fit to tell me so far, which may be one of the reasons the jail tried to ban me from receiving or reading newspapers before I sued them. Apparently there is a related case going to trial, perhaps in September, perhaps in the Florida state system. Details are sketchy. This may explain why I have been targeted as I have been. I have nothing to do with any of it, which as usual simply doesn't seem to matter.

I also found out that the sergeant involved in the taser and homo incident with me has a history of sexually threatening male inmates. Recently, he told another inmate in the isolator that he would [redacted, lest I be once again accused of being "obsessed with faggots", and besides it's too grotty - HAC]  The guy is just sick and out of control. 

[NB: Down through history, totalitarian regimes have habitually recruited and utilized homosexual sadists as custodial guards in their castles, prisons, and concentration camps. The Seminole County Jail appears to be no exception. - HAC]

I may also have a co-plaintiff soon. Right now affidavits are being gathered from John Polk inmates who have been physically or sexually assaulted, or otherwise tortured and abused in the facility. 

Personally I have begun to resemble the Wolfman. No razor or shaving cream yet. I've stopped even asking. I have a crazy uneven beard beneath which my face is still burn-scarred from the time when they were forcing me to use negro Magic Shave Powder. Not all the hair on my face has grown back, but enough has to make me look like Dr. Zeus from Planet of the Apes. I am also still so dirty even after my one brief shower that when they finally let me out today and I sweated in the sun, skin peeled off me like a fried chicken. Gross, huh? 

No word yet on whether I will be allowed to clean myself and shave for court or be given a suit and tie. They may drag me in and out of the courtroom in shackles and chains looking and smelling like this, in order to impress the jury with my innate evil. I mean, anyone who looks and stinks like a wild man must be guilty, right?

Otherwise, I've been working with Thietmar. Amazing stuff. I caught on to the relationship of St. Maurice and Manichaeanism, and there is a definite Apollonian quality  to Henry I the Fowler and Otto I the Great. But Henry's son by Edith, Liudolf, was Pythagorean. His brother, Bruno, was criticized for being a philosopher. His other brother, Daikmar, was sacrificed with a spear in the church of St. Peter's in Erseburg, on the site of the old Irminthul. And Edith's bloodline was seen as "saved" even in the 10th century, 200 years before Henry II of England started to say it was. I can't make up stuff as good as this.

Someone has also located Egbert's Chronicle of 9th Century Italy fame, in Latin. I'm hoping to find it in English. Otherwise, Numer books may be publishing my translation of it next year as they did in Mimir with two works I had to render into English to further the study of Nordic myth. 

I really wish I was back in actual prison where I could just work for six months.

Anyway, that's the roundup, Harold. I hope you are well.


William A. White #201400005514
John Polk Correctional Center
211 Bush Boulevard
Sanford, FL 32773


Blogger Luek said...

Again, at the risk being redundant Mr. White is like a terminal cancer patient who is in deep denial about the true nature of his condition. He has good days and bad days and believes that a spontaneous remission is going to happen and he will be cured. Mr. White would now be free if he were dealing with a judicial power structure of the 1950's or 1960's when whites still ruled and governed the process. But sadly this is no longer the case. He hasn't mentally made the switch from being a person who has somehow been accidently wronged by the judicial system but still thinks the system still works if given a chance. Of course this is denial on his part. I do hope he will get out soon. Also, I think this mental denial is causing most would be homecomers to procrastinate their movement to the Homeland. They sense something is terribly wrong with the system but still feel the system will correct itself somehow. As Mr. White should stop having false hope about his condition and realize the magnitude of the situation he is in and don't expect anything good to happen until it does the Homecomers should mentally go home first before they move physically meaning they should realize nothing good is going to happen to this society that will benefit white people and it will not correct itself. Moving to the Homeland will then be a survival strategy rather than an alternative lifestyle.

11:43 PM  

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