Saturday, August 30, 2014

Letter from Bill White 8-21-2014

[Just got this one today, out of sequence. - HAC]
Hello, Harold:

I'm just dropping you a line before the week runs out. Not much is going on. The dictatorship has filed a trial brief and my defense brief should be filed by now too. The essence of my defense is "I didn't do it." I haven't read the brief, so I can't tell you more than that.

Speaking to [someone knowledgeable about the case], I have been informed that what bothers this person most is that looking at the evidence, the dictator's servants have to know that I'm innocent, and yet they are still proceeding with the prosecution. [Why not? That never stopped them before. Sorry, I'll be quiet. - HAC] They have not argued a single one of the charges in their trial brief. Of the five charges, one charge simply doesn't make grammatical sense. No one can figure out exactly what it is I am supposed to have done, and so that one may be toast just on the strength of the fact that it's gibberish. [See above.- HAC] I would think they would be required to drop two more based on their current theory of the "crime", and they should drop all five, but we'll see.

A little over two weeks from trial, the United States Attorney's office has not yet prepared a witness list. They were ordered to do so by Monday, but they simply ignored that. They also tendered supplemental discovery at the last minute. Overall, they seem very disorganized and unprepared, but in these courts that never seems to matter. 97% conviction rate, n'est-ce pas? So why should they bother?

If you've read the trial brief on PACER you'll know that it's all full of horrible crime and and not of me. There are some big gaps in the brief, like the one sentence that begins "FBI agents have determined" that it was me but offers no proof or evidence or even conjecture as to how I allegedly performed this act of evil. But I guess if the FBI has "determined" that is was me, it must have been me. Right?

I am continuing to plow through Serpent's Blood. Despite having cut it in half once, I could see it making 200,000 words. We'll see. I still have a year's worth of work to do, maybe. But the last few chapters on the 10th and 11th centuries are definitely coming out of the "partial rough" status, and the many errors in those loosely-sketched chapters are being corrected. Tomorrow I'm planning to start with Pope Benedict VIII and Emperor Henry II and go right through Urban II, the peak of Cluny's one-world Zionist influence. Then I have a chapter on Scandinavians and Slavs, one on Normans, and one on Peter Abelard, St. Bernard, and the Grail--and then I'll be ready for more work.

That is the sum of life right now. Yesterday I found out that the jail, by its own guidelines, is supposed to shave my beard for me once a week even if I am deemed to be Jack the Ripper and not to be trusted with a plastic safety razor on my own. Apparently the United States Attorney wants me appearing in court looking like Lon Chaney in the old Wolfman movies. The smell from not bathing no longer bothers me, I'm used to it now, but it is apparently pretty sickening to others when they get near me.

I hope all that is well with you. I shall be enjoying Rose of Honor this evening.


William A. White #201400005514
John Pole Correctional Center
211 Bush Boulevard
Sanford, FL 32773


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of these documents have now been filed...except for the defense brief.The fact that Bill hasn't even seen this is a bit worrying.

10:09 PM  

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